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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by vann, May 8, 2011.

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    Let's say that there is a difference between what can be done and what SHOULD be done.

    Although hitting notes above high C may actually may require a bit less effort on some flugels than on trumpets, this doesn't make them more efficient or desirable, simply because of musical reasons. The tea pot sounds are more prone to be produced on flugel because of the reasons mentioned by Rowuk. High register on trumpet will be always more centered and full because of the efficiency of the system. So hit and play musically are not always the same thing...
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    I agree with this and rowuk's post, but the original question on this post is:

    Hi, wanted to know if the high register on a flugal is a little easier to hit?

    The trumpet will likely always result in attaining the highest range possible, but can it be easier for the flugel at points in this range to play than the trumpet, my experience is that there is a range where this is achieved. Another master's thesis topic to prove this I would say.
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    For me.....range on a flugel depends more on mouthpiece than any other parameter. I used to " cheat " with a Schilke 13A4A Trumpet MP in a flugelhorn to get some crazy high ( albeit useless ) notes. I imagine one could size the shank of a shallow trumpet mouthpiece so that it was shorter like a flugel MP and play crazy stuff. It's a lot easier to lip trill too as the intervals are a lot closer up high than the typical major 2nd..minor third trumpet lip trills. Anyway....there's my take on it.
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    I find it easier to hit my higher range on my trumpet. When I practice on my flugel for a while hitting my highest on a trumpet is absoultely effortless.

    Kanstul 1525 flugel
    Bravura yamaha 8310.
    Harrelson Bravura
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    I also think that there is a difference in producing a high note and playing a high note .. just because you can whistle a double C on the flugel doesn't really qualify as "playing" a double C .. the range/tone has to be usuable no? Now someone is going to post that they had to whistle a double D for someones Doctorate recital..

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