Flugelhorn questions - need your comments!

Discussion in 'Horns' started by rupren, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. rupren

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    Mar 10, 2005



    In the market for a good, but relatively cheap flugelhorn. I'm not a pro and play essentially for my own enjoyment. Any comments or reccomendations on the Blessing, Bach or Yamaha found at these links? Does the horizontal versus vertical slides make any substantial difference in the sound. I do want a nice, mellow (dark?) flugel sound but again I'm not in need of a pro level (at least for now) horn.
  2. MrLT

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    Jul 12, 2005
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    Personally I probably wouldn't touch any of them. The Bach is in poor condition - proably hasn't been well looked after - I somehow doubt whether a chem clean will sort this out. Its sold by a dealer. The Yamaha and blessing are also sold by what looks like the same dealer - I think its better to buy from a private seller who has played and looked after their horn. If you can find out if the dealer is esatblished in any way e.g. a proper supplier doing legit business there is more security than an exclusive eBay dealer. If you buy and don't like make sure you can return on a no quibble basis. I bought a Bach strad flugel on eBay from an established UK dealer - didn't like it and I also thought it was mis-described. I had no problem returning it (and getting my cash back :-) ). Ebays great for picking up bargains if you know what you're looking for and know the market and I believe that most sellers are honest individuals - but there are con artists and rip-off merchants out there - beware.

    And good luck! - best to be patient and wait for the right horn to come up rather then rushing in. Keep posting candidates up here - these posts are read by some very experienced players who will be happy to give you an opinion.

    All the best

  3. rupren

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    Mar 10, 2005
    Thanks for the reply. Apologies for not being clearer in my post but I've successfully bought and sold over 50 percussion items on eBay with great results but as MrLT accurately points out you must be patient and do some due diligence. I'm suspicious on these 3 particular offerings but I wanted feedback on the models of these horns in general and opions on horizontial slide flugels rather than these particular eBay sales. Thanks again for the comments and if anyone else has perspectives to offer please reply.
  4. old geezer

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    Dec 26, 2004
    in my limited experience with flugals, you really need to play them before buying. I have owned a Getzen Eterna, Benge 5F, and now own a student Yamaha. The Yamaha plays the most in tune and the easiest. Last winter when my wife and I went out to buy her a flugal we must have tried a dozen different horns and ended up with one I would not even have tried but out of all of them it played the best and the most in tune. We tried Bach, Jupiter, Blessing, Yamaha, and others. She ended up buying the top of the line Sam Ashe Jean Baptiste [made by B&S], the cheap Jean Baptiste flugal was a waste of a decent horn case. I have played 2 Jupiters side by side that were as different as night and day. I have no idea why flugals are not as consistant as trumpets. Good luck and have fun in your quest. old geezer Dave

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