For all people looking for afforadable Trumpets from Student,Intermediate to Pro

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by lovevixen555, Feb 8, 2009.

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    Those people in OUR music stores come to OUR places of work, use OUR products and services, support OUR schools, pay to come to OUR gigs, they don't go to China for that stuff - support those who support you - and look after your kids. (Don't get me started). :shhh:
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    Jan 11, 2009
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    ok ok !!

    I do believe going from the getzen 300 student shepherds crook model ( which is a great horn) ,, to the 80 power bore .
    Give my son a great advantage in his school band .

    Our local Getzen Dealer , John the owner of The Horn Doctor ,, is always happy when we visit his store , does great work and will give me the best price or better than the PC will. SO why shop any place else , the in stock Fugal horns Trumpets Cornets , Shows me his commitment .
    The only ultrasonic cleaning tank in town,complete repair facility , friendly staff , kind to my girls answers their questions , puts up with me always buying something.

    so yea dont get me going :play:
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    Nov 5, 2008
    Well their is not a single music store worth me visiting in 70 miles of my home. What is good is a store if they never have what you want? The idea of having a brick and mortar store to go to is to try before you buy but if all they have is Chinese horns a few Conns and Few Bach's what's the point? As to warranty work I cannot imagine that most music stores actually do a lot of serious in house repair today. I am imagining that most of it is farmed out to shops that do almost nothing but repair and are not involved with him sales and rental side of things too much. People go to Wal-Mart because they normally have what they are looking for at the right price point. Their is no Wal-Mart of the Music world unfortunately. Sure most music stores have staff that knows all the marketing material for the products they sell but they usually do not know much else beyond that unless you get another person that plays your instrument waiting on you. As warranty work wow 2 year Warranty I can not imagine that their are many legitimate warranty demands for name brand instruments! Seriously if a high end instrument can not make it two years with out breaking down from material or manufacturing defects something is seriously wrong! Your dealer would have to be an approved warranty center for your brand correct otherwise they are just going to send it out in the mail the same way you can. That is why you fill out the warranty card that comes with your new purchase and send it off tot he manufactures. The store does not owe you the warranty the manufacture does. I m Dell Laptop with XP 64 Bit breaks down under warranty which I did not renew the other day I call them up and they send a box out to me prepaid to ship to their warranty center. If I wanted upgrades and wanted to pay too much I could do the same thing. It does not matter if I bought off the internet, from their store, from Best Buy or from some guy off EBay as long as the items where not hot I have a warranty. I do not take my Laptop back to the store I send it to the OEM's warranty center.

    I am not saying people do not have a right to earn a living but they are going well beyond what is reasonable market. I am sorry I am not a sucker and I am not one to buy into needing experts for everything or paying 6 for a 2 once bottle of synthetic valve oil when I can buy a quart of synthetic engine oil for $6. Their is nothing in a 2 once bottle of synthetic valve oil that makes it more expensive to blend, manufacture or market then a fully formulated synthetic motor oil. Nothing in it that makes it more costly then synthetic gun oil. Seriously paying $6 for a bottle of synthetic valve oil is like paying $50 for a single screw driver. Sure their are people that will pay $50 for a single screw driver but that does not mean it is smart, prudent or even a good practice to endorse. Their is nothing elite about playing an instrument it is a learned skill just like juggling or cooking. SO why buy into a pricing structure that lightens your wallet for an illusion. People get made when Exxon Mobile turns a profit well let me tell you they are not making anything like the profit margin the music retail industry is. If synthetic motor oil for your car followed the pricing structure of Synthetic Trumpet Valve oil each quart of oil would cost you $96 so you would be looking at $400-$700 per oil change before you added the oil filter or the labor etc.... I know what a fair mark up is and that is not what is going on in the musical world. No matter how you slice if you have to buy supplies for musical instruments you are being robbed not literally mind you since you have to consent to purchase things at that price but you see what I mean. Just like some places charge upwards of $1000 more for the same instrument then other places? I guarantee the guy charging $1000 less is still making a profit or he would have gone under so that speaks volumes to the markup. If not for companies demanding that a product not be sold for less then a specified minimum $ amount the market would be much more free to set itself. Those companies that do allow their products to be sold for less then the minimum recommend amount usually have a clause forbidding that price to be advertised so you have to call or email for pricing. In case people did not already know that. When you see something that says call or email for pricing or on some sites you have to put the item in your cart to see the price it is because the OEM will not let them advertise a price lower then the minimum they have set for the item. This protects the larger stores from being under cut by smaller companies. Sure they can do it but because they can not advertise it you have to find that smaller store first and stumble upon the item and see the call for pricing advertisement then actually follow up on it. This way search engines based on price never pick that store up when you search the item. It amount to close to what is called price fixing but it is legal they way it is done. Then you also see that allot of the big internet stores are related by relatives or co-owned by another on line store so the prices are almost identical etc..... Most prices are set by the big boys and the smaller places only under cut by a few dollars or tossing free shipping or some extra's to get you to buy from them etc......

    Any time all sales are restricted to a dealer network only the customer lose's. It does not matter if it cares or trumpet's. Anytime a supply chain is open to anyone that will buy even if their is a minimum volume or dollar amount that must be purchased it amounts to saving for all usualy.This is how to control the pricing of an item buy controlling it's supply. If diamonds where freely allowed on the market based on supply to anyone and their was no cartel to control it diamonds wouldn’t be worth much more then cut cut glass. Because the market is tightly controlled they are able to artificially inflate the price.

    AS to supporting our schools please elighten me! Seriously if they really do anything to support the school programs with the motivation being soley to milk unknowing parents that will change my entire outlook. I am huge for supporting schools and those that are under privligaged etc........ I will give a man the shirt ofmy back if he needs it!! In fact if I had more to give I would give more! Money means very little to me once my needs are meet and I cannot take it with me when I gone. One reason why I like Jupiter so much is all the free clinics they put on. I will ask my local schools since I want to talk to them about cornet in band etc....If I find out that the music store'snot the OEM's do significant charitable work I will back off quite a bit!
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    wasilla alaska
    Just an observation - rather than interacting with a poster that constantly posts annoying threads just ignore them.

    Often when nobody intereacts with them they will move on to another web site to troll.

    Simply click on the link to view your private messages.

    Then on the left will be a control panel.

    Click on 'Edit Ignore List' and add the user to the list and you won't see
    any more of their posts.

    you not only type to much but you did it twice, my god this is a friendly forum , not a place to rant 1000 words, a few will do !
    what gives with you ? your never happy with any thing , do me a favor have a beer smoke a joint take a pill , but calm down , we are all players here , just trying to get along not rant about the worlds in-justice ,I travel 40 miles to see my Repair shop in, Anchorage Alaska , 5000 miles to drive to the lower 48 , and have !
    Try living here , it is my choice , thats life .
    BE HAPPY !! STOP BITCHING ,, to be honest I thought you was a woman .:dontknow:
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    Buy where you want...that's your choice, but hammering on the local music store or even those music stores a long drive from your home aren't the are as you apparently have an "axe to grind" or something. As for me, I try to buy from the music stores in my city or nearby cities. Maybe I'm not as cheap as you and see more reasons to shop locally whenever possible. Store owners are my neighbors and I try to work with them because they work with the community. You have the right to make your choices, but don't be upset when others make choices of their own. Personally, I make a living and I don't disparage a music store owner and his employees for doing so.
    You'll have to make your own choices as we all do, but ranting about it won't change our minds, but it may make you feel better.

    But, if you are going to buy and sell "out of town" don't complain about service problems, postage and handling, and all the other complaints you have. If you buy all your stuff away from your's that working for you? Notice you still complain about postage, shipping and handling charges.

    Best wishes,

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    Apr 5, 2008
    Well, actually, it was 1.298 words...... from LV555

    I'm not nit picking, but my spell check device passed out
    when it counted the words :-P

    I use 2 bottles of valve oil each year.
    I have 5 horns.
    I live in Norway.
    One of the world's most expencive countries.
    I pay $ 10-15 each bottle in my local shop.
    It doesn't make me upset.
    I can live with that.
    I am happy when my valves return to upper position.

    I'm more upset about my wife buying clothes she never wear.:shock:
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    So, since I play a Jupiter(foreign) trumpet, am I looked down upon? Is it my fault that I cant afford a $1,200 American made trumpet? I bought what I could afford AND was available. The area I live in has no music stores within 40 miles, and the one I bought my Jupiter at is a family run store, not a big national chain, Sure, I try to support American manufacturing any way I can, but lemme tell ya-this is coming from a guy who for 10 1/2 years worked his a** off in an American manufacturing plant who got laid off permanently 3 months ago, so if I need something, and I cant afford the "MADE IN USA" model, guess what-------- I get whatever I can afford, no matter where it was made. Just my 2 cents.
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    No one is telling anyone else what to do, what they can do, what they may do, what to write or not to write (flaming and nasty words are an exception, appropriately), where to buy, when to clean your horn, what to listen to...

    This is an open forum for folks who are interested in trumpets: design, cost, music, sound, accessories, fun, difficulties, successes, failures, challenges, relatives (cornet, fluglhorn, other brass), range, fingerings, pedagogy, performers, performances, sales, trades, history, and us who love them.

    If life has handed you lemons, make lemonade. If you have a legitimate bone to pick, back up your position with some accurate information. You may get some support that way. All the raving, ranting, bitching and moaning will NOT change anyone else, and you'll only end up driving yourself out of here.

    We want you here, but please try to play nice.

    As written in "In a Mellow Tone", an Ellington tune with words by Milt Gabler:

    "In a mellow tone,
    That's the way to live.
    If you mope and groan,
    Something's gotta give.

    Just go your way,
    And laugh and play.
    There's joy unknown,
    In a mellow tone."

    IMO, excellent advice.
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    Dick, I agree with you though!

    Success in life comes through interaction with people that have knowledge that you don't and those that can profit from your own capabilities. That is my problem with online. Quite often no relationship, no loyalty, no value add!
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    I need a beer...............more beer, table two please :huh:

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