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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by NickD, Mar 11, 2004.

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    OK, as of now I am just posting this here. I have brought this up before on other lists and forums and been flamed at the worst and ignored at best, so I am not going to do a big spam thing. This is a sincere offer to give something to anyone who might be interested.

    I have been doing lectures here at NTHS for sometime on the acoustics of winds and brasswinds. Typically, another physics teacher will bring me in at the conclusion of an acoustics unit. I just did four over the last week and I have three more coming up - all in house.

    I am willing to go out and speak on this matter at other schools. Now, this may only be of any possible interest to folks who live within a reasonable commute from Chicago (I'd do a three hour drive - one way - more depending on stuff...).

    I charge no fee whatsoever. I would take a professional leave day from NTHS, so I am being paid already! All I have to ask for are expenses. Within a three hour commute (6 hr RT) from Chicago, Ths would not ammount to a whole lot. Just feed me (I eat cheap) and cover my gas (I don't drive an SUV). That's it!

    On the physics thing I carry on about...

    *natural trumpet (how we get the series out of a "cylinder" my messing with it - adding some taper)
    *timbre (comparing trumpet, cornet, flugel)
    *how the lips and mouthpieces work (using some basic physics models)

    I can also work with trumpet players on chops, practice techniques, mouthpieces, wind, etc. Oh yeah, I can even attempt to discuss various musical ideas and the music business as it is today.

    I must have at least 2.5 weeks notice. If this doesn't work for you now, check back with me in the fall.

    You can email me or call me at 847-835-1210.

    That's it. I'd be pleased to drop by if anyone is interested. If not, I hope to bump into some of you on gigs and just hang out!


  2. jcmacman

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    Dec 10, 2003
    Very Cool offer!

    Man, I wish I was in Chicago or you were over here in SoCal. I would be glad to take you up on your offer. I've Seen your website, listened to your music and read some of your reports. Interesting stuff.

    Hope you get some takers Nick.

  3. dcstep

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    Nov 27, 2003
    Now's the time of year to get someone from Chicago to S. Cal. ;-) Maybe you should talk.


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