Front Teeth Issues

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by HoboTrumpet, Feb 14, 2007.

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    I got hit in the mouth with a baseball in 1998, it loosen my front two teeth, and cut the inside of my upper lip. The dentist said let's look at it again in two weeks. They tighten back up fine. The cut in my lip was deep and now I have a one inch seam in the middle back of my top lip. I play this way till 1998 when they loosen back up, I had them out, the roots were all broken. I learned to play again with them missing got my range back to E above High C in about 4 weeks, Great. I had a partial plate put in in 1999 ( DON'T GO THIS WAY!) it comes loose as I play and and they are out just a little bit so it's hard to get that little roll in now my range is A below hight C still today. I looked in to inplants but the cost! Do to the bone being so small, so I will be getting a permanent bridge in the next 4 months. My dentist knows I play and will take the time to get it right.
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    I was only able to quickly scan your post, but what a must-read for anyone with dental issues! It's amazing the number of options we have available to us with modern medical/dental care. And it's also a good reminder to keep a positive attitude and believe that things will all work out in the end.

    I'll be sure to read it more carefully tomorrow; my employer has played a cruel joke on me by actually giving me work to do. Gonna have to work on that raise if this keeps up.
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    I recently broke my jaw and had a lower front tooth knocked out. This was corrected with a bridge that involved both of the teeth to either side of the missing tooth. Consequently the bridge spanned a total of three lower front teeth.

    I was surprised that it didn't seem to make any difference, from what I can tell. However the nerve damage and numbness is another matter, but that was a result of the jaw break. Perhaps that won't happen to you.
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    Nerve damage can take a VERY long time to heal.

    I had a bone graft from inside my chin, and a skin graft fro the roof of my mouth.

    It has been well over a year and there is still numbness in one of my lower front teeth and the roof of my mouth still has a numb spot also.


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