frozen slide.

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    PLEASE don't use the tool you bought. It will only warp the casings dimensions.
    What probably happened is that when you pulled the slide out you slightly bent the second valve casing very slightly by pulling the slide out at the wrong angle.
    This is a common repair and also happens when trumpets fall on their sides or music is put on top of the trumpet and then the case is closed.


    In this diagram the black arrow shows the angle you should have pulled it out at. You probably also slightly pulled towards one of the red arrows. What you must do, like oldlou said is put the second valve slide back in and push it in the opposite direction of the red arrow very slightly. Don't use a lot of force because you don't want to do more damage. If the valve is stuck in the down position you will know when it is fixed because the valve will pop back to the up position. If it is in the up position give it a little push, but not hard enough to wedge the valve in the casing. This will cause even more problems...
    If you are having trouble getting a good hold of the 2nd valve slide, if your 1st valve slide isn't a reversed slide you can place it in the 2nd valve slide so you have a longer 'lever' when realigning. Just make sure you use even less pressure because it is easy to make mistakes when dealing with the soft tubing near the valve casings.

    Remember. The tool you ordered will either expand the valve casing, which will cause leaks in the valve, or it will remove material from the valve casing which you absolutely do not want to do unless it is a last resort, and in your case, it isn't needed. Valve repairs are quite precise and should be left to a trained technician.

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