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    That depends on which worth. If you go for popularity, lots of groupies, quick money and recognition, then go for singing, guitarplaying and maybe keyboardplaying or drumming.
    If you want to develop yourself as a person and as a musician go for the instrument that has your voice.
    In the sixties I played slidetrombone and sometimes guitar and banjo in dixieland groups without really knowing what I was doing but I earned a lot of money with it. Round '68 I became a student of law and because dixieland was out of favour I changed to bassguitar to earn my money. All my life I had a piano in my house and in my thirties I decided to study classical piano to develop MYSELF. I did need all that time to take musicianship seriously. In 2008 (I was 60 then) I bought on holiday in India for fun a new Empire Brass pockettrumpet for 20 US dollar. That started a whole new perspective. I found out that for trumpetplaying I had to change my whole personality. First I had to learn to breath in a complete different manner and that cooled down my somehow what active personality. Second, according to Lee Morgan: trumpets are for extroverts. The trumpet is a very honest instrument, you can't fool it. So the trumpet forces me to be a more honest person (emotionally). Al Hirt is a FABULOUS trumpetplayer but if he plays f.e. a ballad I hear nothing, particularly not himself. Miles Davis can play two notes that you and I can easily play but with Miles they have a lot more meaning. That's because of what he shows of himself. Bix could do that and of course Satchmo. Trumpetplaying is for me very addictive, I need it to force myself in the (for me) right direction in the development of what kind of person I want to be.
    So it's not about succes but still about worth.
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    There are some really good observations here.

    I agree with the idea that trumpet is a radically different instrument than guitar.
    Guitar is one of the very few instruments that an average person could listen to a CD of unaccompanied playing,
    piano being another.

    Wind instruments take many years of development before they are pleasant to listen to, IMO.
    Trumpet is one of the "worst", exceed by the double reeds, oboe, bassoon,etc.

    Of course, for our families, it could be worse...rather than trumpet we could be playing bagpipes!
    There isn't any amount of practice that can make those evil things sound pleasant!

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