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    I had this problem for 40 years, During one of the trainings I took in clinical hypnosis I volunteered to be used for a demostration and brought up this problem to be dealt with. In my case I had "programmed" into my brain, an internal dialoge saying "Who do you think you are, You can't do that" associated with playing a solo - an artifact of an unfortunate exchange with my mother when I was about 10 years old. (a long story)

    With a single, brief, say 20 minute intervention of a skilled hypnotherapist...problem solved and I now easily and with confidence perform solo passages as they occur both in rehersal and performance.

    I recommend that you do some research and locate a skilled clinical hypnotist or life coach. One who is trained in Neurolinguistic Programming NLP would be a good bet. Check local listings for clinical social workers or psychologists who may have this training. If you are in the DC area PM me and I can give you the name of the fellow who conducted the training. He is best I know in doing this kind of intervention.
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    Great suggestions, all ..... My singing coach had a standard suggestion to all his singing students who were trying to get over their own nerves ..... Do a lot of it (singing in front of people). He's have you start with nursing homes (appreciative audience that won't remember you anyway). He'd say that with time you get comfortable (I found that to be true). Do enough of it and you don't care so much what people think anymore.

    Of course you still care, otherwise you wouldn't be working so hard. The point is that the whole outlook can be turned around in a matter of time (sometimes not much time). Those feelings of anxiety give way to the sheer fun of it and confidence grows. Kids make great early audiences too .... but watch out, they can be BLUNT.:lol:

    I think the thing to remember is that there is a whole other attitude lurking just the other side of the anxiety ..... an attitude that can't wait to perform because it's so much fun and so rewarding. Disasters then become funny stories .... Those performers who can't wait to get on stage and hate to leave are usually engaging to watch and listen to. They look like they're brimming with confidence, and they probably are, but they're having fun. Watching anyone do what they love to do is infectious.

    Have fun!

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    Or ....... do that! :lol:ROFL


    I'll bet it works like a charm with the right hypnotherapist. Where was this suggestion ten years ago???:dontknow:
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    Thanksfor the ideas. But, I ruled out getting hypnotised and all drugged up before a performance. ;-)
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    Just keep at it.

    It is that FEAR which will make you successful. Some cats don't have it. Often this lack of shame is why they suck as musicians.

    So be grateful for your fear. It is a present.
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    I find a shot or 2 of VO works just as well and is easier to obtain. The best regimen is talk to a few folks, oil up your mutual contribution to conversation then "Tell them what you want with your horn".
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    no GM ole buddy ole pal -- I am not quite as old as you -- so performance enhancing drugs are not needed in my case, ROFL ROFL
    I would tell the OP to just keep playing, and try to be happy when he plays --- yes play and be happy ----

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