FS NY Bach C trumpet! Pre-war horn in wonderful condition!

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  1. Brass crusader

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    Hi, all,

    I've decided to list my wonderful NY Bach C trumpet. It's a M(.453) bore 211 bell C trumpet, dating to 1935, based on it's 4-digit serial number.

    This is the best example of a rare pre-war NY Bach C trumpet I've ever seen. It's completely raw brass, with no nicks, dings, or dents anywhere that I can find. The shop card (which I received a PDF scan of from Bach) shows a lot of changes to the horn, and reinforces my notion that this is truly a rare horn and a very unique part of Bach history.

    The combination of the 211 bell and the No. 7 leadpipe make this a wonderful solo C trumpet, and is also well-suited to light orchestral and chamber literature. I use standard Bach C alternate fingerings on this with great results.

    I obtained this horn after a long search from the estate of a prominent Boston, MA freelancer. The original case is in good original condition, and both brass Bach tags are intact, along with the canvas case cover. Included in the case is a few letters and personal photographs of the original owner, as well as a receipt for a Couesnon trumpet purchased by the owner from the legendary Roger Voisin. This letter is on Voisin's personal stationary, and is signed by him. The tuning slide to this Couesnon is also included in this auction.

    I really hate to part with this horn, but I'd love to see it go to someone who truly can appreciate the provenance of the horn, the history of Bach trumpets, and the wonderful playing characteristics that this trumpet possesses. I will consider trade offers involving a gold plated Yamaha Chicago C, or a rotary C trumpet. Many thanks!

    I will entertain all fair and reasonable offers.
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  2. Jembrass

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    Aug 16, 2013
    Would you be willing to swap for a Stomvi Elite Bflat , gold plated with extra Sterling Bell. Case included in good condition.
  3. Brass crusader

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    No, thank you.

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