Fun music to play?

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    Aug 16, 2009
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    Well, I've a wall chart and notebook page handout of all the key signatures, so the resource is available for reference.

    Yep, when I grew up during WWII we scrounged for music in any key and for any instrument and transposed to whatever we wanted. A C instrument to the Bb was easiest for me ... just at 2 sharps in key signature and play two semi-tones higher. Thankfully, my Mom had scads of piano music, but this was very tedious to reproduce on staff paper. Personally, it became easier for me just to sight transpose it.

    With a BS in Ed an major in math and science, I maintained only a minor in instrumental music, perhaps just enough to stay in band. In public schools, my teaching experience was limited to the academics.

    As I can't presently play at the moment, it was only arm twisting that hooked me into teaching these 2 boys. Saturday I just received Finale notation software and with such hope to present exercises of more variety. Still, while these boys have had a hard life, they've the right attitude and are a boon to work with. Perhaps moreso, I'm looking forward to our Wednesday session than they are, but I'm not betting that I am.

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