FWIIW, Ampcast.com is shutting down!

Discussion in 'TM Lounge' started by NickD, Dec 22, 2005.

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    FWIIW, one of the sites on which I have held many of my sound files is closing down. Ampcast.com, after a mere six years is closing down. I will not be uploading most of my sound files there on another site. Except for my new stuff, those files will go into the archives to remain there.

    If you are interested, my ampcast.com site is...


    I haven't had a chance to turn on the free downloads, but you can probably save the streaming files, which can be done for free. I don't expect to get paid what Ampcast owes me (about $50), so don't feel obligated to PPD. I will get to turning on the free DL's in a day or so, except for the new tunes going on the latest CD. I'll repost here when I get that done.

    Ampcast.com was trying very hard to create a level playing field - almost too hard. In the process, they killed their royalty program and their PPD program, while a lovely idea, was a dismal failure. It was the PPD program that kept me there - keeping hope alive. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

    I was planning on pulling my files from the site next month, but I discovered the news earlier today.

    Oh well... Yet more continued need to explore new ways to keep creative music alive.


    Peace, all.

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    Some free downloads turned on

    I turned on about 1/3 of the free downloads, including all of my Arban Etudes (first 7) and the Brother's Drozdoff stuff.

    I'll get the rest tomorrow. I also deleted more files that have had enough light of day and need to go to the archives, including my old method stuff. I need to re-do all of that anyway.

    More tomorrow.

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    The last 57 tunes!

    I have currently got the list down to the following 57 tunes available for free download at Ampcast, while it still exists. After Ampcast closes down, these tunes will never surface agian. I am moving on to newer things. So, if you actually like some of these tracks and might want them, go for it! I will NOT be putting these up at Mp3unsigned.com (except for the Christmas tunes every year - some of them, anyway).

    FWIIW, TM is the ONLY place where I am posting this announcement. If anyone thinks this is worth mentioning on any other forums or mailing lists, you're free to post there. I feel a special connection with TM, and hence this post here.

    1.) The Party Next Door

    2.) 110 Blues

    3.) Fringing

    4.) Untutored Lips

    5.) Getting My Modal Down

    6.) Lament - Complete

    7.) Outside, Inside, Out

    8.) Metamorph - Lettin' Off Steam

    9.) Muted Ambience

    10.) Electronobop

    11.) Introspection

    12.) Hydromium

    13.) Hope Deferred

    14.) Dispersing Mists

    15.) On The Steps of the Temple

    16.) Drozdoff Suite for Tumpet Mvmt. 1

    17.) Drozdoff Suite for Trumpet Mvmt. 2

    18.) Drozdoff Suite for Trumpet Mvmt. 3

    19.) I Wonder As I Wander

    20.) Changing Skies - The Brothers Drozdoff

    21.) Drozdoff Suite 2 - Etude One

    22.) Drozdoff Suite 2 - Etude Two

    23.) Falling For You - The Brothers Drozdoff

    24.) Feels Like Love - The Brothers Drozdoff

    25.) Foolproof - The Brothers Drozdoff

    26.) Plant Talk - The Brothers Drozdoff

    27.) Arban Characteristic Study #1

    28.) Air from Handel's Water Music

    29.) Arban Characteristic Study #2

    30.) Coro from Handel's Water Music

    31.) Arban Characteristic Study #3

    32.) Arban Characteristic Study #4

    33.) Arban Characteristic Study #6

    34.) Arban Characteristic Study #5

    35.) La Grace by Telemann

    36.) Fanfare by Debussy

    37.) Arban Characteristic Study #7

    38.) Duet from Lakme by Leo Delibes

    39.) Rigadoun by Andre Campra

    40.) Creation by Haydn

    41.) Reiche Fanfare

    42.) Serenity by Ives

    43.) Telemann Concerto - Mvmt. One

    44.) Telemann Concerto - Mvmt. Two

    45.) Telemann Concerto - Mvmt. Three

    46.) Telemann Concerto - Mvmt. Four

    47.) As Josheph Was A Walking by R. Vaughn Williams

    48.) At The River

    49.) Christmas Jazz Medley One

    50.) Christmas Jazz Medley Two

    51.) Funky Drummer Boy

    52.) Lament - As Originally Improvised

    53.) Lo How A Rose Eer Blooming - Praetorious

    54.) Lo, How a Rose E'ere Blooming

    55.) The Call by Ralph Vaughn Williams

    56.) The Trepak from the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky

    57.) Untitled Baroque Piece - Anonymous

    Peace, all!


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