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Discussion in 'Jazz / Commercial' started by NickD, Feb 15, 2004.

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    Well, after qute a few email contacts I've gotten started at adding to my mp3's regarding trumpet practice. Now, I'm really exposing myself here, so bear with me. I posted a new mp3 file on my ampcast site. It is a PRACTICE session and it is, like most of my practice sessions, filled with mistakes and a bit sloppy. There is a purpose to this exercise, though. It is a major scale and chord study designed to help maintain and develop some skills in jazz improv. It is played by ear (nothing written out) and the idea is to "improvise' your way out of mistakes. I play it a bit fast, too fast, frankly, but there is a second function. I am also trying to give an idea of what an ordinary trumpeter from Chicago, with a time consuming day gig, does to try to keep things going. Sometimes, I have to run these things fast just to save time! My practice time is significantly compromised during the school year, and I simply have to deal with it.

    Now, when I am seriously working on technique, I use Clarke's or Arban's and I use a metronome. This thing has a different function.

    As with most of my Trumpet Lectures files, this stuff is pretty bizarre and laughable, but maybe there sare some ideas you can take away from this. In any case, I'm sure most of you are far more accomplished than I am, so please don't flame me too badly. Some students asked me for this, and I thought I'd share it with others.

    The file is #68 down the list. As always, all playbacks are free. There are some edits, but only to reduce pauses. I do take breaths, but, again, I trimed that up. This file is long and odd enough as it is.


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    I also posted a couple of short files for some patterns I work on (II-V's and diminished). There'll be a lot of these coming.

    Again, this stuff isn't perfect and isn't intended to be. The idea is that this set of fiels is tantamount to standing out in the hall by my practice room door when I'm trying to squeeze some practice time out in between physics classes.

    Just trying to share, FWIIW.



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