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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Gxman, Mar 6, 2014.

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    Dec 22, 2008
    It is 6 exercises. Starts with G4 chromatic descent then back up, all done soft and slow. Rest 3 minutes!!! #2 was slurring 4ths down to F#-C# then up. Rest 3 minutes!!
    #3 was a soft staccato from first space F to fourth line D, ⅛ notes up 16ths down. 4 minutes rest!!!
    #4 was intervals up to a 6th slurred in 7/4!! Again, go down then up! 5 MINUTES REST!!! #5 is slurring G4-G5 using triplets in 7/4, up then down. Rest 5 minutes. Last exercise (phew) is a range/scale exercise playing 1-2-3-5-8-5-3-5-1 in all keys up to C6. To develop range, rest (no time given) then do so as high as possible! NO WONDER YOU THOUGHT AS YOU DID!!!! It's 20 minutes of resting. I do it when I'm driving to rehearsal. Your lesson had to be at least an hour!
    Regardless of who's warm up I've seen, they all start with the basic theme of Moecks #1. Even the 40+ year old exercises from my teacher are very similar and they predate Moecks. That's why I said the Plog was too advanced.
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    How about taking 3 months worth of lessons with someone you admire? Nowadays, Skype will take you to whomever you wish if they've openings to teach.

    A couple/few years ago, I did that with good results. I had a birthday coming up. I contacted someone with whom I wanted to study. Sent them a check for 3 months of lessons figuring that 13 weeks -- a quarter of a year -- was a decent period of time to devote to how they did things. I vowed I'd do everything they asked me to do, and I purposed I would do it their way.

    Glad I did it. Even wound up with a new Bb. Boy that was an expensive 3 months, and I'm not complaining :-)
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    Dec 23, 2009
    Lessons from a reputable teacher would be the best way to start IMO. I had some issues recently where my endurance was getting wiped out and it ultimately ended up in me changing back to my original mouthpiece. But before that I really increased my playing range and endurance by a complete paradigm shift in the way I was playing. Playing should be about the air and not about the lips. Someone was stated playing 90% air and 10% mental/everything else...

    For a warm up consider playing whole notes instead of the quarter notes and play them slowly and just work on Sound Production Don't worry so much about how fast you play or how high you play... play something simpler and make sure you have a good sound. Also a rule of thumb is that if you try to play some thing and you can't hit the note and you try again and you can't get it on 3 tries, then you move on and you don't play to that level again. Or you will be 'forcing' your sound.
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    Aug 15, 2009
    Yes, I just remember a lot of resting when I was wanting to move ahead. You know Moeck passed away a year or so ago. Saw some of his horns being sold on ebay. Think he was the teacher that didn't want you to lay your horn down with bell touching -wanted it 2nd valve down (or I might be confusing with my next teacher).
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    Jan 21, 2010
    Thanks for replies.

    I tried the 'take a longer break between' approach. Took it easy on notes above middle C and below G (below staff). Just focused on that comfortable range, some breathing exercises, G-Gb-F (2 beats, 2 beats, hold last till exhausted) a few times etc.

    Then I got into Plog, and it was fine.

    I also added 1 whole session of practice longer. Before i did 3x 25min. The other day I added a 4th because i just felt bored without practicing, so before bed I did one more session (4th one). I play where I am able when the higher notes die.

    Today I can say, I just finished my 2nd session of Arban Exercises and I was able to play the Top line F a 'few more' times than before and the notes below sounded better rather than "airy" (due to mouth being dead). Not 'much' better but it feels like I did gain something in positive direction.

    Thanks again :)
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    You said in your initial post that you have only had 4 lessons. Assuming that you're only a month or two into trumpeting, I'd say your range is in the "expected" range for a novice trumpeter.

    I concur with the lip slur exercises. Also - make sure you don't mash the horn against your lips in order to reach the upper registers. You won't be able to vibrate your lips if you apply too much pressure. It may help to a point, but then no sound will come out.

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