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    Sep 5, 2010
    Was playing in the British Youth Brass Band championships on Sunday and got talking to the sales manager of Geneva John Hudson, Ex-Principle cornet of Black Dyke. we talked about music for a bit but then chatted about instruments. He believes that, at this moment in time, you can not buy a better instument than a Geneva. He then invited me to play some of the Instrements on show and my God, they did not disappoint.

    Their cornet has a beautiful tone which can be played dark if needed but can open up with a bright tone when required. It is top sprung so you don't have so far to press the valves which, to begin with, I wasnt used to but, im sure with time it would be brilliant. It was easily better than any bach, Yamaha or Besson i have played. If i didnt have my Sovereign 921, I would consider getting one but I still prefer mine.

    Their Platypuss flugel horn is easily the best flugel i have ever played. Better than anything on the market. Ive played a Strad, Courtois Paris, Yamaha pro model and a Taylor and they are nowhere close to how good this Flugel is. Its not particularly heavy, much ligher than the Taylor, but it has the warmest, darkest sound ever. So good that i asked whether i could buy one in a few years and he has invited me down whenever I would like to try a few more if i would like to (couldn't buy that one, It was the Principle trumpet of the BBC jazz orchestras ;-) )

    If anyone needs a trumpet aswel then i would advise trying them out. I unfortunatly didn't have my mouthpiece from my trumpet on me but, the to people on the stand said they were better than a strad or xeno and that they had a backlog of orders from many pro players, including trumpeters from the LSO and Jools Holland jazz band.

    These Brilliant instruments also come with a life time guarentee AND once a year, you can send it away to be cleaned and have all the dents removed. You really can't fault these guys! :thumbsup:

    My advice, BUY ONE! they are great. And you can customise if you need something done. They are also nice guys to talk to and are very helpful. I would recommend them without a doubt :thumbsup:
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    OK, just where does one go to buy one?? (Oh...and how much?)
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    Sep 5, 2010
    You can order one on the internet from them but, if you want to try, you'll have to come up to yorkshire in the UK or London if you want to try the cornet :D
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