Getting back in the swing of things. Long tones, mouthpieces, and exhaustion?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Ayukawa, Jul 6, 2014.

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    I read it up front and consider it to be very "incomplete" (actually wrong) - including your recommendation for a comeback player. Why? Very simple - there is no need to mess with mouthpiece modifications early in the building process AND there are enough balanced mouthpieces not needing modifications. There are enough essentially plug and play mouthpieces for "weaker chops" available - and NONE of them can be recommended by internet forum to people that we have never heard or seen play. The player needs to try a bunch out taking a second set of ears that they trust. That is why I posted the IWK link - there is real data -not hearsay from some supposed ex Bach employee with reamers. With the real data, we can see what happens when we open the backbore, throat or even experiment with different cup depths. Of course that is also useless for a player not having stable chops.

    The notion that typical repairmen have enough mouthpiece saavy I find ridiculous. That being said, a Bach 10 1/2C, 7C, 3C, 1.5C are all standard mouthpieces that work fine out of the box with many instruments. I do not find their backbores tight or restrictive at all (well at least all of the ones that I have played since 1974).

    Once the chops have become stable (years of steady playing) then a fine match between player, horn and mouthpiece is worthwhile. Unfortunately a standard tech is still the wrong address. I would never modify a mouthpiece without having a second "equal one" as a reference either. All of us get to a point where we want to experiment, and that is OK. With a reference we can always compare result over time. If we document the small steps and the perceived changes, we have results for a statistical sample of one.

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    You've gotten very good advice already and it sounds like you're doing well. One thing I would add is to do the lip slurs in Arban. Usually starts on pg.42. Do exercises 18-22. When you can do them easily, one after the other without too much rest in between each, add another repetition of 18-22. When that feels easy, add yet another repetition. If you are doing 15-20 min of these a day you will have monster chops if everything else in your embouchure is balanced. Maynard recommened these slurs out of the arbans for building chops. Best. Lex
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