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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by CalebWayne, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. gmonady

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    Jan 28, 2011
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    And now back to your regularly scheduled thread!
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    Grab a beginner's method and play through as many lessons (playing properly) as you can in a day. If you want to go the semi-pro route you will be looking at six to nine months practicing four to six hours per day. You'll need to be at the top of your game all the time. Community bands are more forgiving. I hope trumpet isn't your main instrument!
  3. ricecakes230

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    Jan 15, 2013
    Do you what you want. I'm sure you can find 10 or 20 minutes in your day to play something you enjoy. You don't always have to play to entertain others. As long as you are happy with your minor playing then that's all that matters. You could stop now and continue after your busy classes or play whenever you feel like it. Play when you can, and enjoy it. I know nothing of the crazyness of being in a university/college but I do know I always practice when I can (everyday mostly), and no matter what I play, I enjoy it.
  4. Comeback

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    Jun 22, 2011
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    Have you received good private instruction in the past? Are you in a position to receive it now? Private instruction would probably help you clarify your goals and get you on track quickly. I relied upon private instruction received decades ago when I began my comeback and kept my approach simple: Arban's and enjoyable arrangements. I have been pleased with my results.

    What can you do with your music minor and trumpet playing? Well, first, you can lead a rich full life depending upon the nature of your commitment. Beyond that, you create your own options. Playing in a major symphony orchestra might be a little tough unless you acquire much more musical education and skill, but beyond that the sky may be the limit, depending upon you. "Just play for fun?", well yeah! I will venture to state that for most of us it begins and continues with fun. When it is fun no longer, there may not be much point in continuing.

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