Getting student to PLAY OUT!!

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Heavens2kadonka, Apr 25, 2005.

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    Aye, I never throw comments like that out. I save them for here, normally. :evil:

    This student always could play out, but I never could get him to play loud NORMALLY. It was like pulling an elephant to get him playing loud.

    At the end of the lesson (I gave an hour and a half lesson because I could, haha), I finally had him playing an entire etude at the full dynamic. I was dancing, I was so pleased with the progress. This dynamic issue is what is holding him back, now.

    BOO-YAH! I figured out how to do something a famous methodologist already figured out! My idea isn't complete bunk! *dance dance*

    About my attitude as a teacher, I feel its a lot like a tighrope walk. If you overbalance friendliness versus strictness, you fall on your face.

    Thats a great idea as well!

    What I have thought about doing is making them read duets with me, with their bells clogged. We continue playing the same duet until I can hear him/her. Mwahaha, should be a good time.

    Jason, you also bring up an excellent point (Do you ever not? :D ).

    If I focus too much on loud, they lose their intimate softness, and they also lose everything in-between.

    I was thinking of presenting dynamics like my band director does, in four levels. Level One, is as soft as can be made to sound beautiful. Level Two is mezzo-forte. Comfortable, yet still resonant. Level Three is as loud as you can still be dark. Level Four is as loud as can be controlled.


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    I use practice mutes in my dynamics teaching quite often. Usually very effective.

    Another tool that comes out is my fanfare trumpet - the bell is so far away from the player that they blow louder in order to hear it (the fact that the bell is further away also encourages them to blow the air further away). When they return to the regular trumpet they are always blowing louder.
    It also encourages them not to point the instrument at the floor, but that is another discussion.
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    I would have more than 4, check out what Jim Thompson has to say on the subject and see if that helps you out.

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