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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by gcast, Jan 5, 2010.

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    Jun 6, 2010
    Sorry to have to report to those who PM'd me about the Severinsen, but it is a dog. No wonder it's been there for 3 weeks up for sale.

    It's probably the most unsalvagable trumpet I've ever seen. Good cautionary tale here as the photos on Craigslist made it look decent. The problems were many and ugly. Very bad denting around many curves and a few nasty ones on the leadpipe. Nothing moved much, incuding valves and slides and there were other signs of damage and more damage where bad home looking repairs were attempted. In particular some horrible looking welds and patches. Wow. I couldn't get a sound at first then closed the water key with my thumb (pad was missing). Then I was able to get a pretty ragged sound.

    It looks like it's been through a car accident (or maybe a bicycle accident), because of the denting and even worse, it's out of straight everywhere. The bell in actually curved up (dented) and then back down where it attaches to the valve casing and the leadpipe is like a bad country road. How he managed to make it look reasonably straight in the photos is unknown. And to finish it off, there are weird patches where the silver plating is gone all the way down to raw brass, like he (or someone) polished it excessively and went right through the plating. Can't imagine what else it might be. Weird. I wouldn't feel right giving this thing away unless it was to a repair tech.

    Buyer beware!!!! If you're not sure (buying from a distance), you should ask for more photos. Nice case though.:dontknow:


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