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    Feb 3, 2006
    Palm Desert

    Is there a local AFM (musician's union) there? If there is, it is a good place to hang around. Most require an audition and a membership fee, but they're usually nothing serious if you've got your stuff together. Every AFM local I've ever visited has a gig board, rehearsal bands, and a lot of guys who've been around a long time and know everybody. They've got connections all over the country. So these are people you really need to get cozy with.
    If there are rehearsal bands there, keep your horn in the car and find out who the leaders are and see if you can sit in or sub. Great experience for any player. The first time I was allowed to sit in at Local 47 in L.A., I learned more in an hour from the guys in the section than I had learned in a year from school.
    And please don't shun the older guys in favor of the younger cats. They know everything!
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    Nov 10, 2003
    Phoenix, AZ
    I hear Domino's is hiring.... :D
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    Oct 16, 2004
    Lafayette, LA, USA

    There are several schools in the Orlando area with good grad schools, and Disney, Universal, and the general tourist area could offer some playing gigs. I love Orlando! Have you considered that area?
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    Oct 26, 2003
    Hey Bear, the way this is shaping up, it looks like soon the 6 most important words in your life are going to be:

    "Do you want fries with that?" :lol:

    Just kidding! On a more serious note, if it's an option for you, check into the military band thing because if you can land a DC area military band gig, not only is it going to offer you a lot of opportunity right there in the military band, but there are a ton of gigging opportunities in this area too.
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    OK, this is big FWIIW, coming from me, post! :-)

    I would look at some different towns.

    In TExas I might look at Houston, Dallas or Austin. Texans could inform you better.

    The other cites I'd look into would be:

    San Francisco
    Las Vegas
    Atlantic City
    New Orleans

    to name a few in no particular order...

    Once settled in, find out what the local free-hip newspaper is. In NYC it is the Village Voice. In Chicago, it is the Reader. They'll have big music listings.

    Start looking for jam sessions and rehearsal bands and make the rounds, sitting in. Get to know the local established players and make it clear you're looking for sub work.

    Next, you can get a yellow pages listsing or do some Google searching and find out who the local contractors are and sned them a demo tape. Make it a good one - short and sweet. Sell hard! It will be tough going at first.

    NOw, if you're looking for orchestral work, I'd wait for more experienced orchestral players to respond to this thread. I'm strictly a free-lancer.

    As always, you can look for a teaching gig in a school system if you're certifed as a music educator, or build a private studio.

    Waht say folks? Keep the ideas coming for this fine young musician about to"jump in,' as it were!

    Beasr, if you turn up in Chicago, look me up. I'll do what I can do to help. It's tough going around here, but I'll gladly show you the ropes, such as they are.

    Best wishes and welcome to "da biz!"

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    Jan 17, 2004
    Texas - USA
    IMHO the best jazz scene in the state is in San Antonio (small group jazz...not big band - plus you can work on your Tejano/Mariachi chops - lots of huge conventions downtown) - I don't think Fiesta Texas theme park is doing as much live music these days, but theme parks in general, like cruise ships can be a way to be paid while honing your craft and networking

    Overall, Austin has lots happening but the market is over saturated to the point of indie bands paying to play on 6th street hoping for an A&R guy to notice them (if you land there you could take lessons from Ray Sasaki at UT who is a monster teacher and player) - that said there's plenty of bands that have horns and folks always need to have a list of good subs...


    and remember, "overnight success usually takes about ten years" - not sure who said it, but there's some truth there - TC
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    Apr 30, 2004
    Hey Folxs,
    Thxs for all the helpful hints and suggestions. I will give them the utmost consideration. One day folxs... one day.

    Tim Cates... I think I met you in Killeen playing a community theatre gig for the VLA a few months ago... I may be wrong though.

    Take care all.

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    Dec 30, 2003
    Clarksville, Tennessee, U
    I think it's tough all over, Bear. I'm just a weekend warrior, but I have a lot of friends who play full time. In Nashville George Tidwell, a top dog studio cat, has been going out with Jack Daniels. A few years ago I don't think he'd have considered it. I had the honor of driving Randy Brecker around for a couple of days in September while he headlined a local jazz festival. He said the studio work in New York has dried up as well.
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    Oct 26, 2003

    Jack Daniels or CHARLY Daniels? Big difference. :-P
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    Jan 17, 2004
    Texas - USA
    yea Bear - that was me - I thought that might be you........keep in touch!

    TrickG/Patrick - it's the Mr. Jack Daniels Silver Cornet Band - not a bottle of JD or anything....


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