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  1. guadarrama

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    Jul 25, 2011
    So i've been playing at a outdoor mall Its a nice mall, you know.. where rich people shop :) anyway i had played two free gigs there (actually just finished one today) and i know this lady is going to call me back again. Now when we were first in talks about getting us to play there she told me that once she hears me play that she will let me know if i will be a free musician or paid musician. I havent heard anything back from here but she has told me that they loved us (dont know how entirely true that is) and i know we play well and the audience responds very well. Not only do we attract older people but you actually see young people there LISTENING to us... which is odd at this venue especially when there is jazz involved. Now i think she might be taking advantage because im obviously not experineced enough so i think she is trying to getting away from paying me because of this. So my question for you guys is what is the proper way to ask if i can possible get paid. I dont know how to go about these. would be great to hear from you guys.

    Let the criticism commence.
  2. Al Innella

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    Tell her the free trial period is over,and tell her your price. If she lets you go you didn't lose anything except being taken advantage of.She will probably get someone else to play for free.Move on,let this be a learning experience.

    I've seen bands perform free for the so called exposure.What they got was the reputation as the band that plays either for free or really cheap.Not a good idea.

    Remember an audition is just that, an audition,not a free gig or performance .A performance is a gig,and gigs pay.
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    Jun 6, 2010
    Is this outdoor gig on a stage? Or some designated place, or are you all just busking??? It's not clear .... But, if she's paying others, then just ask. Something like, "You said you'd let me know if I'm to be a paid or a free musician. Can you tell me which it is?"

    You have to decide if it's important to you to get paid for this. If it is, you can put a little pressure on her. "Do you want me back?"

  4. Cornyandy

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    Jan 9, 2010
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    My advice would only be general don't burn a bridge with this lady be polite and firm (not agressive) and ask the question. It would be all to easy to "take the hig" (I hope that phrase translates to the US)for either party. If she doesn't want to pay you part company on good terms if possible, she may feel like employing you in the future or know someone who might.

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  5. patkins

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    Nov 22, 2010
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    The art of being assertive is to be simply polite but express your confusion and need clarification of the role she expects you to be in, which is a paid or pro bono, (i.e. Free) performer. If pro bono, then ask her if you can place a tip hat , jar or case in front so costomers can freely give. Tis way you can be so called busking and be sure and have some calling cards in case some customers should inquire as to your availablility for private parties.
    This is an opportunity. Clear communication is a must.
    I hope it works out for you!
    This advice is pro bono!
  6. Chuck Cox

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    I would play once more and leave her your number. Tell her nicely that the guys want to move on now.

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