Girl 20 Year old Artist with Norwegian chamber orchestra--really good!!!

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by HSOtrumpet1, Nov 30, 2008.

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    Unfortunately this thread is not about Tine Thing Helseth, it has become a thread for those that feel the need to jump to the rescue of a young lady that has been wronged. While I am sure that she will appreciate your “knight in shinning armor” tactics, it is inappropriate to chastise some one in the main thread for their word choice! If you have a problem with it, send him a PM and let him know. If you are a moderator and think it is inappropriate, change the title. I enjoy my time on Trumpetmaster, but it bothers me that a thread dedicated to a wonderful trumpet player can so easily be clogged with useless, un-meaningful posts simply because a female was called a girl. Ask yourself if you would have had the same reaction had the poster said boy in relation to a male? If you can not truly answer yes with out hesitation, you are part of the problem, not the solution.
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    I couldn't possibly fail to disagree with you less.
    If the perceived "injustice" occurred in the body of the thread, sending a PM about it is useless. If we are going to alter in our group conscience perceptions of what is or isn't appropriate, discussion about it needs to be in the public eye. This is not the first thread devoted to Ms. Helseth, nor will it be the last at the rate she is progressing. She has a firm hold on the limelight and we aren't about to wrest it from her. If you find the posts useless and unmeaningful, you are entitled to that opinion. You don't have to read them. Squelching our peripheral discussion is not your choice to make.
    The last statement regarding "boy" is the root of a specious argument. We do not live with an "old girl" network. Women have been and still are fighting an uphill battle for acceptance as equals. We should be doing nothing to interfere with that goal, even if inadvertent and unintended.
    And I do believe, anyway, that there would be a strong reaction to referring to a 20 year old male as a boy.
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    Fema-Nazi alert............Just like they can not be called "Mailmen" tthey are "letter carriers"...... I call my sister in law a mail man every chace I get just to get her going.....I once had a feminist curse me out with every swear word known to man because I got the door for her......LOL I still get the door for woman inspite of her.... While technicly I would not call anyone over the age of 16 a boy or girl or kid and I would not use the word cute either but in the end it is silly to split hairs over something like this. I am not PC and never will be thank God! I wounder what feminist do when the language in question does not distingish by age for woman and girl ie....if their is only one word for the female sex what do they nit pick then? I am sure they get all up in arm's over the mascaline versus feminie nature of object words......In college I once saw a feminist walk into a guy's room unannounced and uninvited and tear down his poster that had the bud light swimsuite girls on it in bathing suites mind you then walk out. SO what is the greater injustice feminist that curse at you for getting the door, walk into private dewling space and destroy property or calling a 20 year old female a "girl"???? So do not sweat the small stuff.

    She is a tallented artist that is for sure. If you like her check out Alsion Balsom from the UK. I am going to see her in Concert in Grand Rapids Michigan at the syphony hall their. She has ssome stuff on Youtube check out her version of Caprice you will like what she has done to it!!!
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    This thread has really become ridiculous.

    Greetings from Norway.
    Sort of....

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