Givng shot blast a bath?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by TrumpetJ, Jan 29, 2009.

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    Dec 28, 2008
    As I have have mentioned a few times in my first few posts, I became the proud owner of a Yamaha Xeno with the silver shot blast finish about a month ago. I have yet to give it a good cleaning, but was curious about how i would go about doing it. With my Allegro, I would let it soak in warm water in the tub. The finish on the Allegro of course was polished silver. Can I use the same cleaning techniques with this shot blast finish? Advice would be greatly appreciated from those who have experience with this finish. Heck, advice would be welcome from anyone who wants to give it.
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    Aug 18, 2008
    Clinton, TN
    My 20s Elkhart has a matte finish (I gues that is similar to shot blast) and I give it baths. BTW I'm just up the street from you in Clinton.
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    You can't use normal polish on satin finish horns as rubbing wears it very quickly.
    I use an alloy plate and washing soda...gets the tarnish out of all the little depressions.
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    Aug 18, 2008
    Clinton, TN
    I used aluminium foil and washing soda when I first got mine. It was in ugly shape and it came perfectly clean. Trumpetj the Kroger stores in our area sell the washing soda, it is arm and hammer brand usually near the borax in the laundry isle. I use the standard polishing cloth to keep it looking good.

    Here is a link that is really detailed about the process.
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    Nov 5, 2008
    If you have a sink or platis tube that will fit simply put some aluminium foil in the bottom. Then boil some water and add backing Soda ie Arm and Hammer to hit. I do not recall how much maybe a 2-3 tables spoons if I am wrong someone correct me. Then put the trumpet onthe foila nd pour the water in. it has to cover the instrument. Let it set for about 15-20 minutes and it should be done.

    As for the valve engine I like to use 90-100% rubbing alchol or sometimes lighter fluid if itis super dirty on a shaggy valve brush the ones that are like mops not the bristley ones. You really do not want to use anything with grit or that leaves a film on bead blasted satin finish because the gunk will get caught inthe pores and look nasty and you will have a hard time trying to get it out of the pores! So if ever you did resort to useing a silver cleaning fluid you want to use the clear liquid types that are designed for cleaning jewlery that come with the littl mop applicator and only require a rinse to remove. Useing stuff like brasso for silver ect.... will look kind of like when you waxx your car and get it on the black plastic trim you follow. The first method I listed will electro chmicaly remove the oxidation and deposit it on the aluminum foil which is the the best method in my opinion.

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