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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by timothypierson, Mar 23, 2007.

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    Jun 18, 2006
    your situation has nothing to do with getting older!
    The first 80-85% involves paying attention and a bit of dedication. The next 10% involves a lot of dedication and a bit of natural talent. The last 5-10% involves a lot of dedication and a lot of natural talent.
    Trumpet players like Nakariakov get there before they are 20. That is a lot of talent and dedication from the beginning. The rest of us have a "different" balance and therefore need more time.
    Life experiences can intensify our artistic expression however. That is something that none of those "Wunderkinder" can take away from us!
    The subtleties are actually not so subtle! They are the soul of each composer - born again by our musical efforts! What a joy - and responsibility to get it as close to "right" as possible!
  2. timothypierson

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    Feb 20, 2005
    Rowuk, You're right about it having nothing to do with age. What I meant was for me getting a little life experience has helped me to get an idea of the bigger picture. When I was younger I had a great high range but that was it. I wasn't a good reader, had bad time and my tone wasn't the greatest, but my attitude was "well I can play high". I was wrong. Guys like Nakariakov and Hardenberger are the blend of a "perfect storm". They have talent, dedication, intelligence, and the maturity beyond most people there age to handle these things.

    I have spent the last couple of years just getting my face in shape to handle the music. I have done a ton of listening and am now working on getting into the soul of the composers.This is the fun part. I don't worry about my chops as much anymore and am trying to work on getting the different colors. You're right it is definitely a joy to work on this and I learn more and more each day.

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