Good or bad? Storing trumpet in trunk of car?

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    This is true but internal combustion engines and jet turbines turbines are completly different ball of wax then a pirent trumpet. I am trained as a Pilot and part of my college training includeed speding way more time then I care to comment on working with A&P mechanics to fully understand what is going on in the powerplant of the aircraft I might be operating. You know goes to makeing a well rounded pilot. Seeing how aircraft are operated at Artic Tempatures all the time with proper pre-heating and sometimes just leaveing the engines running with fuel lines hooked up like back in the cold ware days I fail to see where this is an issue for trumpet's. My trumpet is not turning at 30,000 RPM's and is not going from artic temp.'s tot he temp of the hot exhaust from burning JP8 fuel. My trumpet is not made out of titanium,berillium,or anything else exoticit is not machined from billets or loast wax casting ect........ SImple things like tanis heating elements, engine covers, not parking into the wind, dragon heater's after sitting all night forceing hot air through the engines comparment solve all these issue's. Also engine recomendations byt he OEM are just that they are recomendations that are designed to gurantee the longest engine life for good TBO's they can and are often outside the ideals listed int he Operater's Hand Book. Now Jet Turbines are already useing synthetic oils some PAO's some are Esteres like POE some are more exotic then other's. All tempatures above 24,000 feet are negative tempature's but by the time you reach that Flight level you are already hot and up to temp.

    Sure is shock cooling or flash heating a problem sure if you stationed in Alaska and you F22 has been sitting in an un heated hanger or outside un-heated all night then youhave some issues but a trumpet is not going from ambient temp to 750°F or hotter in a manner of seconds. It is not turning at insane rpm's. It is not even conctructed from high tech materials or with high tech methods... A trumpet is made from drawn tubeing that is bent to shape or hammered and spun on a lathe. THe valves are nothing more then nickle sleeves/tubes that are plated with various materials or sleeved with various materials. They move up and down at speeds not even as fast as a human can move their finger's and they are seperated from their houseing by a thin none renewed coating of oil ie not a pressure lubrication system just what sticks tothe valves.

    With a trumpet other then it playing sharp or the valves getting stuck due to the cold effecting the oils properties. Now sure if you drenched you trumpet in liquid nitrogen and then smacked it then you would have an issue but we are not talking that extreme. In fact unless you useing synthetic oil like the type Iam makeing that is based on jet turbine lubrincants your valves will not work in super cold weather anyway's. So you would have to let it warm up some. The empoxy coating that is used on modern trumpets is more durable then most of the trumpet. Short stripping it with chmicals it is some seriously tuff stuff not at all like the cellulose stuff used a long time ago.

    Some issues with a jet engine are due to the materials used take stainless stell. We are used it being used in a lot of applications including hunting rifles. I bet most people are unaware that in cold tempatures below freezeing fireing a 416R Stainless steel rifle can actualy cause micro cracking in the steel that will latter result in it early failure. Stainless steel while more chemicaly resistant to oxidents and moisture is not very good at handleing impacts or sharp forces while it is cold. Carbon steel on the other hand handles cold tempatures and impacts under thouse conditions with ease but it corrodes and is not very good at resistance oxidation or high temp.s and exhaust gas's etc......

    I have over simplified things but that is so everyone can keep up. In case anyone wants to know why I am not in aviation other then as a hobbie it is as follows. I did my commerical flight exam with the local FAA examiner who also happens to own a charter business. He complimented me on my flying several times and even went so far as to tell me that I was by far one of the best pilots he had seen in a lon long time. Then he said the following " I love you level of skill, profeciency and knowldge but with all that said I would never hire you because you are fat and would not fit with the corperate image of a tall fit pilot and people do not want to see a fatman in a blue suite flying them around!" I knew right then and their that I would not be able to make it in commerical aviation. Me and a budy bought a DC3 from a company out of OshKosh Wissconsin and flew fish and other cargo out of Alaska for a while. THen he decided that he wanted to go into corperate flying and wanted to fly jet's...... SO he now fly's Citations,King's and GulfStrreams for a private corperate flight company. They maintain fleets and lease them to big corperations and provide the pilots. I did some work for them off and on for about 2 year's fillingin I am checked out on Citations and Gulfstreams 1-4. I am not current though since I have not flown anything bigger then a 14 passenger twin engine internal combustion engine powered aircraft in about 6 year's. I am still fat and I have to admit I do not like the lifestyle either. Their is a lot of prejudice against fat people int he industry. It is not easy money and you do not make the big bucks for a long long time. In fact I was makeing more then most of my friends from Flight School my first year working for General Motor's. The guys and gals that fly the little puddle jumper twin engine jet turbines from regional airports to larger conecting hubs only make about $18,000 a year to start companies like American Eagle etc..... I also flew for UPS for a while in a small twin engine cargo plane but not as a UPS employee they contract out all the small stuff their high dollars pilots fly the big cargo plans like the 747's and up all the smaller guys work for private contractor's and make peanuts.
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    I know that if you put a violin, cello, guitar, stringed, etc. in a car, they will start getting seam cracks and strings will snap and wood will crack, but I have never seen or been told a situation where it happened to a trumpet...
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