Great performances in Southern California coming up very soon

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    I've posted this on TH as well, but just a heads-up to the folks in or near Ojai, Santa Clarita, and Long Beach - the final leg of the fall tour of Metales M5 Mexican Brass begins October 28. A quick peek at the schedule for next spring's tour doesn't show any California dates. Check the schedule here:

    Schedule and News

    My wife and I took our younger granddaughter, Her Snarkiness, to hear them perform in Point Reyes Station, CA, last night. The audience was much smaller than a group like this should have had, but I'm pretty sure everyone was delighted with the performance. Maybe it had something to do with some Elsewhereans playing some sort of silly game, but there's no such excuse now. This group consists of five exceptionally good musicians, two trumpets plus horn, tuba, and trombone. There was a young trumpet player all the way from Oakland in the audience, and he seemed to be very impressed, as was our granddaughter. If you ever have a chance to see this group, I encourage you to take it. They're that good.

    No affiliation, etc., I just like the way they play.

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