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    Hi folks - if you are in NYC or anywhere near NYC don't miss these 12 groundbreaking, cutting edge trumpeters in performance as part of FONT Music - visit Starts tonight!

    3rd Festival of New Trumpet Music presents: New Bands, at
    Spark-August 16-20
    161 W. 22nd Street
    Tkts are only $10 for all three sets each night
    August 16
    8:00 PM Matt Lavelle & Eye-Contact – Matt Lavell-trumpet, Ryan Sawyer-drums, Matt Heyner-bass. Lavelle is currently a member of William Parker’s Little Huey Orchestra. His most recent CD is "Eye-Contact With God"
    9:00 PM Jesse Selengut – Selengut is a Brooklyn-based trumpeter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He has had success as a bandleader, film scorer, producer and sideman on over a dozen albums, most noticeably, Huge Voodoo's Affordable Magic ('03). Recently, he has been splitting time between the Williamsburg Jazz Festival (which he founded) and Noir, a quartet blending electronica and jazz.
    10:00 PM Peck Allmond & Kalimba Kollective – Trumpeter/saxophonist/flutist Peck Allmond is best known for his work with Me'Shell NdegeOcello, Oliver Lake, Peter Apfelbaum and Don Cherry. His new group Kalimba Kollective features the leader on trumpet and assorted other instruments, featuring his unique approach to the kalimba, aka thumb piano. The group also features drumming great Kenny Wollesen on vibes, drums and bass kalimba; innovator Dana Leong on cello and trombone; master Haitian Vodou drummers Bonga and Tiga Jean-Baptiste (father and son) on Haitian drums, percussion, kalimba and mbira; and keyboard virtuoso Gary Fisher. The group is currently celebrating the release of the new disc "Kalimba Collage."

    August 17
    8:00 PM Keyon Harrold
    9:00 PM Diego Urcola Quartet – The Grammy nominated trumpeter will be performing music from his newest recording “Soundances.â€
    10:00 PM Nabate Isles – A mix of diverse musical styles with melodic clarity and rhythmic intensity.

    August 19
    8:00 PM Jesse Neuman and the Bruce Lee Band – Jesse Neuman-acoustic and processed trumpet/laptop, Oscar Rodriguez-guitar/bass guitar/loops, Aaron Jennings-guitar/electronics/laptop, Liam Hurley-drums. Bruce Lee is an improvising quartet formed over four years ago between friends and enemies, dedicated to balancing the most fearsome and fragile sounds and rhythms. Their arrangements develop music by Rickie Lee Jones, Mos Def, Rachmanninoff, Jeff Buckley and Bjork. As improvisers, they use tones and technology to gradually sculpt silence and vibrations into complete musical statements.
    9:00 PM Sarah Wilson – Composer, trumpeter, singer Sarah Wilson writes unique, fresh, complex music that reflects a deep understanding of the connection between image and motion. Internationally acclaimed composer/pianist Myra Melford describes Sarah's music as an "improviser's dream"--music that is "rich with suggestion and possibility: ebullient and tender, poignant and humorous." Sarah Wilson-trumpet, vocals; Peck Allmond-tenor sax; Steve
    Cardenas-electric guitar; Jerome Harris-bass; Kenny Wollesen-drums.
    10:00 PM Matt Shulman Trio – Matt Shulman will be appearing in support of his new recording “So It Goes,†currently available at the trumpeter’s website. Hailed by The New York Times as “a new voice from jazz’s emerging generation,†by fans as “Miles Davis meets Radiohead . . . a Chet Baker for the new millennium . . .," and by Downbeat Magazine as "Zen-like‚" Shulman combines intimate vocals with virtuosic trumpet playing and sensual electronics to create his signature sound.

    August 20
    8:00 PM Greg Kelley – Greg Kelley has performed throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and Argentina at numerous festivals, in clubs, outdoors, in living rooms, in a bank, and at least once on a vibrating floor. He has collaborated with a number of musicians throughout the globe performing experimental music, free jazz and noise, releasing a number of recordings in the process. He constantly seeks to push the boundaries of the trumpet and of 'music'.
    9:00 PM Nate Wooley – Wooley grew up in a Finnish-American fishing village in Oregon. He has spent the rest of his life trying musically to find a way back to the peace and quiet of that time by whole-heartedly embracing the space between complete absorption in sound and relative absence of the same. He began playing trumpet professionally at age 13 with his father, and after studying he moved to Colorado where he studied more with Ron Miles, Art Lande, Fred Hess, and improvisation master Jack Wright. His tenure with Jack began to break Nate out of self-imposed molds and into the sound world that he has embraced as his own.
    10:00 PM Peter Evans – An improviser who plays in a bold, extroverted manner. One of the new trumpeters expanding the music with his singular, highly unique playing.
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    How long did it take you to type all of that? :?:
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    Obviously it has taken you longer to answer my question :bleah:
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    I'm guessing about 5 seconds or less [cut and paste].

    Spitty, you always make me wish I was in NY.


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