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    Mention it to your instructor. I'm sure he'd be glad to show you how to properly use it in conjunction with your current exercises.

    Sort of. If you are in the process of learning scales, then #1 would actually be easier since you only need to know 1 scale, the chromatic scale.

    Again, get some input from your instructor. There are easy and hard parts of this book. Depends where you are in your progress and what you need to work on.

    There are no shortcuts. You should learn them all. Spend the most time on what is diffucult until they are all played equally well.
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    Different Clarke sudies have different purposes, which are more or less summarized in the final etude. The first one is for mastering the chromatic scale. Second one looks at the tonic-to-5th segment of all major keys and helps with key changes, get used to the key signatures etc. Your instructor should give you some guidance on this.
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