Harry Glantz, Mel Broiles, and more . . .

Discussion in 'Wise Talk!' started by bftrumpet, Sep 13, 2005.

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    Sep 30, 2004
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    Could you tell us some of your favorite recordings featuring some of the great NYC trumpet players from the past. I'm talking about players like Harry Glantz, Mel Broiles, William Vacchiano, John Ware, Ray Crisara, and of course, Wilmer Wise. I wish I could have heard all of them live! I'm collecting recordings of top notch players of the past and would love to hear your input about the NYC crowd. Thanks for the info!

    Ben Fairfield
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    Nov 19, 2003
    Harry Glantz- The Respighi Pines of Rome and Roman Festivals. Harry Glantz' Quiet City is my favorite version of the work. The NBC Symphony's Wagner recordings are text book in Wagnerian style. Harry was the beginning player of the American School of playing.

    William Vacchiano- Mr Vacchiano with the New York Philharmonic recorded "The Great American Symphonic Songbook." Copland, Harris, Schuman, Sessions, Piston and almost every other American composer. Mahler, when I was a kid, was only represented by the First, Second and Fourth Symphonies. The first time I heard the other symphonies was the Bernstein/Vacchiano-Ware/ NYP complete box set.
    The Shostakovich Piano Concerto is another work that has the Vacchiano stamp on it.
    The "Leningrad Symphony" brass playing of Vacchiano and co. is super!
    And I can not forget hearing the NYP " Poem of Ecstasy" the first time.......WOW!
    To be continued...................

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