Harry Kim Recording Session at brass conference: July 7-9

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    Purtle Brass Conference: July 7-9 at Anderson University (SC)

    Harry Kim just recorded the rhythm tracks for his lecture and recording session.
    Rickey Minor and The Tonight Show Band are the ones doing the rhythm tracks.

    In the lecture Harry Kim will talk about marking music, phrasing, and style in a horn section. Then groups of participants will join Harry in the university recording studio, where the demonstration and lecture will continue. Those in the lecture hall will see and hear the entire session and see sheet music as it's played. The engineers will mix down the recordings for everyone to hear by that night as filler music for Carl Lenthe's Recital.

    Anyone unable to make it in person will be able to watch everything online live and as Video On Demand files for $50.

    The detailed schedule is online here.
    Purtle Brass Conference | Purtle.com

    You can register online here and attend for $250.
    Purtle Brass Conference

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