Haydn & Hummel concertos

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    A couple of years ago, I arranged the Haydn & Hummel concertos in the key of Bb concert. I have now magde these available in both traditional (i.e. paper) and PDF (on CD) formats. Each comes with an accompaniment CD with multiple speeds for practicing. These are GREAT for younger students or anyone who finds the original range to be an issue.

    The benefits to the developing trumpeter in playing these masterworks of trumpet literature in the key of Bb are twofold. First, the lower key allows many more players access to the work. The upper register which the outer movements employ often keep players from being able to work on the concerto's musical aspects. We now have a work that is musically challenging and worthy of study while not forcing the range issue.

    Secondly, when the player is ready to tackle this concerto on the traditional Eb trumpet, all of the notes and fingerings will already be secure. You can even use this trumpet part while playing Eb trumpet (but NOT the piano part). Since we will have a history of physical comfort with the piece, the transition to the higher register should be easier.

    To order: http://www.stewmuse.com/BbHaydnHummel.html
    or contact me directly off-list. Thanks!

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