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    BADBOY-DON Piano User

    Jan 23, 2004
    Gig Harbor Wa.

    What a gift given...to all human-kind.

    Nothing is a greater time for Trumpet than Easter.
    Tell us about your gig today...or experience in this most precious day of celebration? :?: :lol:

  2. dauminator3

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    What was my day like.......

    Well, Saturday at rehearsal, the music director at the church I was playing for found out that they needed a trumpet player for the sunrise service. So, looking for all the playing I can get, I agreed.

    Therefore, I woke up at 4:45 this morning and somehow warmed up. In addition to this surprise, I did it without waking any of the members of my family, including my grandparents who were in town. On the way out I looked at the weather channel, "Wind Chill - 27." So I played a rendition of Jesus Christ Has Risen, after sitting outside in a park on a windy 27 degree morning for 40 minutes then picking up my horn and not being able to play a single note.

    This suffering was soon relieved when I was able to play 2 more services....inside....with an awesome doctoral student. I love playing with people who are better than me.

    This was my first playing Easter, and hopefully not near the last.

  3. musicalmason

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    Dec 14, 2003
    I played 2 songs with my choir, the choir is made up entirly of tone deaf senior citizens, so needless to say, I played loud.
  4. dagny

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    Jan 20, 2004
    Here's a service that I was not a part of but I have heard about:

    Apparently during one protestant rendition of the Passion, the guy playing Jesus got sick for one of the performances and was unable to attend. The understudy was then promoted and stepped in to play the part.

    Since the understudy was also the propsmaster for the show, someone else had to step in to be the propsmaster.

    Everything was going fine until the scene where Jesus is dying on the cross, and one of the Romans is supposed to stab him with a spear.

    The problem is that the new propsmaster couldn't find the retractable spear that had been used throughout the show, so he just put another play-spear in its place, but neglected to tell the 'Roman' about the change.

    So when the Roman plunges the spear into Jesus who's tied to a cross hanging above the entire congragation, the bleeding man screams at the top of his lungs "Jesus Christ I've been stabbed!"

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