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    One thing you could consider is cutting way back on coffee or caffelnated soft drinks and teas (Mountain Dew, Red Bull, and such) if you make a habit of drinking them.

    Brian, I have a question: is what Joe is describing different from the "TKO" that we experience? I have had the TKO happen as a result of the thoracic pressure exceeding arterial pressure as you described. But I've also had the headache but only when I had the headache before I started playing. In other words, it doesn't happen if I play loud and high normally, only when I've had the headache already there.

    I play in the upper register very freely yet I've had the headache syndrome and the HORRIBLE pounding that accompanies it compounded by an existing headache.

    So, that's why I'm wondering if these are two separate issues.


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    Jun 11, 2006
    Trumpetnick made the point of learning the Yoga breathing method. Some where on this site is a link to "3 point yoga breathing." When I read it I boiled it down to a few pages. Then I realized that it was what I learned many years ago, (but not in high school) and it is what my mother taught her voice students. The only difference is that voice students are told not to lift their shoulders and trumpet players are given the go ahead to lift the shoulders. (Comments are welcome on this.) Maybe someone can find the thread with the yoga breathing and post it?

    I have been hitting a G above High C using what I have learned on this web site. No head aches. I can't do it all the time but I just got started again about 3 months ago.

    I recall that I had headaches in high school trying to play high. I know now it was from bad form. Probably chest breathing.

    Manny's comment on Caffiene is really good. Try not to drink any bad stuff after 3:00 pm.
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    Do you remember the thread? I used all the terms and an advanced search, but found nothing. I get the momentary h/a's also, even when playing softly up there, and if a breathing adjustment would help, I'd try it.

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