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    Hello Manny,

    I have just recently started posting here, and although I don't have a question for you, as a Minnesotan I felt I should drop in and say hi, and let you know how much I have enjoyed coming to hear you play for years and years now. I met you once briefly backstage when I was with Mark McGuiniss a couple years back, and then again later when I got to play a balcony part with you guys at one of the Christmas concerts a while back(some crazy fanfare Doc wrote I think)

    So as for the aforementioned request by you before someone posts here, I will supply my personal info.

    How old are you? -25

    How long have you played? - Since I was in 5th Grade.

    Do you study privately? - Yes, I studied outside of school with Chris Volpe and Bill Adam(few lessons here and there), and I did my undergraduate work with Bob Baca at Eau Claire, and am currently in my masters at IU with John Rommel. I also did a year at Luther College with Ron Fox.

    Hopefully I will be able to be around Minnesota sometime this spring to catch you in one of the upcoming Mahler concerts. It gets harder and harder to make it back.:cool:

    -Andrew Dziuk
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    Sep 29, 2004
    Welcome aboard, Andrew. Enjoy the site and all there is to offer.


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