HELP!!!- How to build endurance fast!

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by HSOtrumpet1, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. HSOtrumpet1

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    Nov 28, 2008
    I have just realized that I was playing with a ridiculous amount of pressure on my lips from pulling back my trumpet so hard. Now, I have just switched to a no pressure grip but I have almost no endurance! Can someone please reccomend a fast way to build endurance? I have a concert in seven weeks-could I do it by then? An exercise or almost anything would do at this point- I'm desperate :-(.
  2. bagmangood

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    Do you have a teacher you could ask? because almost all of the "endurance" exercises are very bad if not done exactly correct. Any local professional can probably help you
  3. lovevixen555

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Since you are experinced but recently made a big change I would agree witht he person above. Just practice. DO you have a day job or what???? If not this is what I would do. The muscles that make up your chop's are not unlike any other muscles in your body! When one want's to train for endurance and one is out of shape you normaly break your training up into as many mini-workout's as you can get in perday with out going to the point of exhaustion. So if you can play 30 minutes before your chop's are shot do this. Start with two a day sesions. One before work first thing int he morning and one after work play for 1/2-2/3 of the total time you can before exhaustion set's in. Do this twice a day end each session feeling good not beat up. Do this for two weeks. Then add another session so if you get an hour lunch go out to your car and spend 1/2 that time practiceing. Anytime you find you are able pull out a mouth pices and buzz like ont he way to work, in the tub or shower at home, when doing cardio like running buzz etc........

    Each week try to add 10 minutes to each session if you can. If you do not have a day job let me know becasue their is a more agressive way to do this but it would never work around a job. Basicly you would do as many mini 10 minute sessions as you can fit into the day where you go at it hard for 10 minutes then stop. You would gradualy add time to each seesion. If the intensity is high enough then each seesion will have a cumlitive effect. On the weekends you would put together an actualy test concert for yourself as an evalustion tool. You would play until your chop's where gone and see how long that period was. When training for endurance you can normaly get away with only a single rest day so 6 day a week training would be fairly normal.

    The reason I prefer a series of short but intense workouts is for a couple of reason's. First scientific research has shown that if the intensity is high then the workout's will have a cumulative effect. Second if the workout's are brief but intense and you stop long before exhaustion you are less likely to program in bad habits. Third training to failure or exhaustion kind of trains one to failure and it also has a draining effect on the nervious system! 7 weeks is an eternity since your skill level is already high.

    I would recomend that you massage your chop's nightly to get extra blood flow in to the area. If they get sore alterante between heat and ice not more then 10 minutes of either at a time. Chances are strong that what ever mouthpiece you have been useing it will not be the best for you now that you have changed your playing style.
  4. Miyot

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    Jul 22, 2007
    HSOtrumpet1, I would not reduce the amount of practice you have been doing. Just go back to basics. Soft playing, lipslurs, long tones. Breath support instead of pressure. You probably won't build endurance fast. If someone had the answer to that one, I'd be willing to pay quite a sum. I think we all use pressure. However I try to start out thinking about breath support, and usually revert to more pressure as my chops tire. The longer you can stay away from excessive pressure, the longer you will last. I wouldn't worry about going back to pressure during your concert, think breath support, relax and do your best. Use some pressure when you have to. Just go back to work after your concert on the less pressure method and build for the next one. Don't over do. You should feel refreshed and ready to go for a performance. Good luck. Wish I could follow my own advice. I usually over do, and I am still struggling.
  5. Sofus

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    Jul 26, 2008
    HSOtrumpet1, no trumpet skill worth saving is ever achieved quickly.
    We earn our good skills day by day, month by month, year by year.
    That´s why we have reason to feel so proud about every good
    skill we´ve earned, once we´ve earned it!
  6. Al Innella

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    Aug 9, 2007
    Levittown , NY
    I agree with Miyot , concentrate on breath support playing very soft long tones and lip slurs . How much pressure where you using and how much are you trying to eliminate? There should be some pressure or you would blow trumpet off you face ,but it should be kept to a minimum, rest as long as you play to build embochure strength.
  7. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    YOU were the one that made the decision to throw out everything that worked for a vision of another way. I do not consider that an intelligent choice. YOU were the one that did not research the problems that could come up. Any change without knowing the risks shows BAD PLANNING. I think that 7 weeks is not long enough for any embouchure change. I disapprove of unguided or misguided embouchure changes (which as far as I am concerned are over 95% of the attempts!) and think that DIY / internet help for your face does more damage than good. I can't offer any hope for success without working with you personally.

    If you can, go back to your old way of playing. Changing embouchure during concert season is stupid! It may not have been the perfect arrangement, but it worked.

    I have found that there is almost NEVER A NEED to flush a higher pressure embouchure down the toilet. My students work on increasing breath support, playing a lot more pianissimo long tones and slurs. The idea is to get the physicality out and the animal tamed! The pressure goes away gradually and there is no hole to fall into.

    I have had to fix many players in exactly the same situation in the last 30 years. The only quick fix is to go back to the old way - that probably wasn't as bad as you thought until somebody made a big deal out of nothing. How can ANYBODY with a brain advocate a change that wipes out everything that a player has earned? How can ANYBODY with a brain do this to a player with a concert coming up? Whoever recommended the change needs a spanking!

    I am not saying that all embouchure changes are stupid. I am saying that there is a time and place for them: AFTER adequate research, in the summer when there are no concerts, under the guidance of someone in the know, after a plan B is thought through if it doesn't work (this could be learning to play saxophone for instance - after the first messed up change, most players are not willing to go through it again)

    If this was my site, I probably would have an extra forum for stuff like this. The title of the forum would not be politically correct. I would throw 99% of all questions about fast range, fast endurance, mouthpiece switches for improved whatever and all hardware solutions for software problems in there. I would tolerate no flaming, except mine of course.................

    Good luck, you are going to need it if your old embouchure doesn't work anymore.

    Take note: I deleted about half of what I REALLY wanted to say.......................................


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