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    Hey guys its Gordon001 hear!

    Ok where to start I have 2 big questions to ask about playing the trumpet it starts like this.

    Ive been playing the trumpet for around 7 years or so, and im around grade 4. I didnt like my first trumpet teacher she wasnt very good she went and I got a new one. Ok here are my 2 questions or 3 or so, i dunno

    Q1. I play the trumpet and when I separate a note I do it like with my throat. Are you ment to tongue the note like with you tongue, or like with your throat, it sounds horrible when i do it with my throut it goes "A A A A"

    Q2 When I play I also get a very airy sound, like ffffffffffffffffffffffffff. Its note the trumpet its brand new how do I get ride of the fluffy airy sound???

    Thanks guys really need this help. :play:
  2. Gordon001

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    Hey thanks for reply but when I seperate notes I do it with my throat, but ive been trying to do it with my tongue but it sounds horrible, and it doesnt help that Im tongue tide which meens I have limmted movment in my tounge any tips on how to improve this?
  3. Gordon001

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    Ok thanks man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Try keeping the tip of your tongue behind your bottom teeth and stopping and starting the flow of air by raising the part about 1/2 inch behind the tip and touching it against the roof of your mouth just behind your top teeth. You can try this w/o the horn and mouthpiece, just by going tu tu tu tu while keeping that tongue tip anchored against the back of the bottom teeth. If you can pronounce those sylables by doing that then try it on the horn. This a a very minimal amount of tongue movement which you should be able to use.
  5. Markie

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    You have to use your tongue to tongue. That's why they call it tonguing.
    Can you whistle? If you can, whistle the scale and tongue each note by putting the tongue in the same position as you would when saying "Ta" not Tat!.
    Will your tonguing suck in the beginning? Well duh!
    Some really good advice has been given already. The only thing I would add would be to listen to how other trumpet players articulate (tongue).
    Do your best to copy how they do it. Mendez was one of the best at tonguing. Others include Balsom, Marsalis, Botti, Herb Alpert,etc. Find one you like and do your best to copy how they sound with their tonguing.
  6. lakerjazz

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    Oct 10, 2006
    1. I used to "tongue" without my tongue until 7th grade. At a certain point, you can't keep up with faster music by using your throat. Just imagine that your tongue is plucking each note like a Bass player will pluck each string. Once you get the hang of it, it sounds better and let's you play faster.

    2. This most likely has to do with your buzz. Go into the bathroom and start buzzing without mouthpiece or horn. What does it sound like? It should sound more like a bee than your Uncle Joe after eating some bad Taco Bell. In other words, it should be clean and fine. If it is not, change it so that it is clean and fine. After the change, the muscles around your lips will probably start to hurt a lot faster than they usually would, because you are actually using different muscles and/or engaging them more to produce a better buzz. Once you have the buzz, play into the horn and see if your sound is clean (give it some time). If it's still a no-go, go back to the beginning and try again to get a different buzz, etc. Your range WILL suffer, but if you do this properly, you should have a clean tone in a matter of a day or two.

    Addition: Number 2 applies only if you're embouchure is at least in the mouthpiece. There are a lot of places you could set your lips (and these vary from player to player), but you should at least make sure that both lips are inside the cup. If they are, then follow advice #2
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    As the others have said, it is supposed to be done with the tongue. As you have already noted, it sounds bad when done with the throat and your speed is limited. You will never be able to double or triple tongue using the throat. Like any kind of change, it will be difficult at first because you have been doing it the other way for years. But, you need to start now or you will never progress to better, cleaner and faster playing.

    It is never the trumpet - even old ones do not have that sound (unless there is a leaking water key). So, my guess is that due to the way you use your throat for articulation, you do not have proper breath control and airflow. A clear, rich tone is mostly a matter of breathing and how you are able to move air from your lungs through your throat, mouth, lips, mouthpiece and into the trumpet in one smooth continuous flow, interrupted only by the tip of the tongue as you articulate.

    So, as it is now, you have almost all of that wrong. I hope your new instructor can help you sort it out because that is the key to being able to move forward. Good, solid practice on the right methods will help to turn things around.

    Good luck.
  8. lakerjazz

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    Oct 10, 2006
    One thing I forgot to add was that, now that you've been playing for seven years, any change that will set you in the right direction for your future may also feel to you to be setting you back to the very beginning in terms of range. Don't worry about it- range will come back, but you want to develop good habits NOW.
  9. dhbailey

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    And your first trumpet teacher should be horse-whipped for letting you play that way for long enough to get to the point you're at now. She should have insisted that you use your tongue from the very start and should have developed exercises to ensure you developed proper tonguing technique.

    Has your current teacher addressed these two issues with you in your lessons? if not, then you really need to find a better teacher. These are points you really need to have someone there in person working with you for, not getting answers on an on-line forum.
  10. jim trpt1

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    Try long tones, then separate sound with your tongue, with ti, ta, and tu. try doing it with out the horn. Someone said behind lower teeth< is this physically possible? The naturally feel will be the roof of the mouth behind your top teeth. Try to get the feeling down before you put it to horn use, when the mouth piece is applied alot of people will tongue between teeth, which can be hard to break and causes a myriad of problems, accuracy, chopped notes and perhaps intonation problems. I use to tongue between the teeth and its a hard habit to break. good luck!

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