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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by cruiseshipgreg, Nov 14, 2010.

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    Jul 7, 2009
    on a ship somewhere....
    Help! I’m an American playing lead trumpet on the Queen Elizabeth. A stage tech knocked my horn over and of course the 2nd valve is messed up. Does anyone know a good know a good brass repairman in Athens, Venice, Kusadasi, Amsterdam, Cherbourg or Zebrugge? I sure would appreciate any help you might give me. Please contact me direct through email [email protected]
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    I hope you can find a fix. In the meantime, for any young players reading this, remember the "First Law of Trumpet Care" = "If it's not on your face, it's in the case."

    The "Second Law" = "When doing a gig away from home, always carry a backup."
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    Maybe he's using the backup now, but needs to get the horn fixed as a precaution.

    When you get a flat tire the first thing you should do after putting the spare on is get the flat fixed.

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    There's a good video over at Trumpet Herald that shows how to do an emergency repair on a sluggish 2nd valve.

    YouTube - Repair to trumpet #2 valve slide & casing after horn has fallen

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