Help on lip shakes?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by sorahauk, Nov 8, 2011.

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    Hi sorahauk,

    There are basically two different styles of shakes in big band music. The older type is played fast with very close intervals. In some of the older arrangements it was also called an exaggerated vibrato, which is really what it was. The modern shake isn't actually a shake,it's a lip slur. The speed and interval used will depend on the arrangement and it's tempo.
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    You really want to see and hear how its done go to Charlie Porter | Home

    He has some excellant videos and explanations and tips...................

    Awesome player!!!!!!!!
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    Just wanted to clarify this statement --- modern shakes you'll often not hear as a completely clean movement, as you would expect of a lip slur. Rather, you'll want to quickly catch all the partials in between, but make it smooth. If you listen to Maynard you can hear some of this, where you won't just hear E-A-E-A (as an example of a wide shake) but you'll also hear all the partials (at that point you'll perhaps catch an F and G as well, both directions). This is ok, its stylistic of wide shakes, unlike the quick narrow shakes you'll often accomplish with lip trills. And of course, they're perceived as slower shakes because of stylistic concerns. I'd say listening to Maynard is the best way to get yourself to the right place once you develop some control.
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    it's gone!!

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