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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by polkadottrumpet, May 8, 2009.

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    Jun 18, 2006
    Hey guys, thanks for the kind words, but we are still in the guesstimate stage. If/when Polkadot posts positively in a couple of weeks (or her band director), THEN we have won.

    If there is ONE SINGLE POINT that this thread is good for: DO NOT BLAME HARDWARE FOR A SOFTWARE PROBLEM. Changing mouthpieces is a real part of a trumpeters life, BUT we NEVER have solved anything short term by changing. 6 months are required to learn new habits, and until they are learned, it is russian roulette with we are offering our audiences.

    Maybe a not so unimportant second point: people are what makes a trumpet section. 1st players SHOULD move around in the section to get a feel for the other players and provide positive motivation. I gig from time to time with the solo trumpet player from the Frankfurt Opera. My goal with him is to be the best second player on the planet, and that means play to make him sound like a (bigger) hero - match his tone, time and intonation. It is VERY gratifying when the pieces all fall in place. We have a VERY good time together.
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    Ted, though I will go slightly off topic, I must say that we loose valuable time when we fail to a an existing physical problem and act accordingly. However we may still won on experience which may make us more useful for others in simlar situation...Anyway, this is probably getting too theoretical...My point was that if Polka was acting according to the consequences of his dental work he may have avoided some stress situation...However, it's not a catastrophy. Hopefully he will go through this anyway. As a Rowuk I will wait for feed back to see how it goes for Polka :thumbsup:
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    I too will wait with hopeful interest.
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    I had this problem recently. I had to play for two days way more than I usually do. At the end of the second day i lost all control and had a lot of trouble in the upper register.
    I had to lay off for two days. I tried to play after one day off and still had trouble. After the second day all was normal.

    Even though I knew what the problem was, I still blamed the trumpet. :lol:
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    Jul 7, 2008
    Must admit; that was very good of you Robin! Good responses and questions!

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