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    Hi al could I ask you to keep and eye out. Sam is a great young man and true friend. I know I am not posting at the moment but this is important Regards to all


    As you may already know I had all of my instruments stolen today from my car which was parked on Rosamund Street, the road behind the RNCM (Manchester). They stole a Fusion triple gig bag which contained a Bb cornet, Bb trumpet and an Eb trumpet along with other miscellaneous items. Also stolen was an Adidas satchel bag which contained my IPad, Diary and an assortment of music ranging from quartet music - recital music. Bb Trumpet - Stradivarius model 37 ml bore. Distinctive features include a black unbranded vale protector, a small dent on the top of the bell around the same position as the valve block and also a small dent on the flair of the bell (inline with the main tuning slide). Unfortunately I do not have the serial number but am trying to obtain this from company that sold me the trumpet.
    Eb Trumpet - Besson Class A Vintage D/Eb. Distinctive features include rust on the end of the bell and the little finger ring hook has been soldered off. I only got this last week and had not got round to noting the serial number yet unfortunately unsure emoticon.
    Bb cornet - Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign 'round stamp'. Distinctive features of this instrument include metal black valve tips, relacquered ( globe is less dominant than it should be in the bell) there is also extensive lacquer wear on the 3rd valve and 3rd trigger (due to my acidic sweat) that has rotted both quite badly. The serial number for this instrument is 601102.
    Miscellaneous items in the gig bag were:
    - Humes and Berg Str and Harmon mute,
    - Denis wick Cup mute,
    - Shhh silent mute with 'Rob W' on the bottom,
    - Alliance 3 mouthpiece,
    - Denis wick 1 mouthpiece.
    If anyone does hear of anything in the next few days I would appreciate if you could get in touch, however insignificant it seems, anything I can pass on to police/college will really help to hopefully find the person that did this, retrieve my items and finally put a stop to this at college. Luckily a lady that works at the college managed to get a photo of the guy who broke into my car and this has been circulated around the colleges/security/businesses around the area. Thank you to anybody who takes time to share this post and to everybody who has already been in touch to offer the help they have! It is very humbling to see that there are still some nice people in this world! X
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    Wow, bummer. :-(
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