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    Some parts of your sound are due to equipment choices, some are due to natural elements that we can not change, and some are do to any impediments we place on the tone by playing out of pitch center, out of tune, too tense, or having a weak ability to hear/conceptualize sound.

    To get better: work on your ear, efficient playing, and a good seamless air flow. Make sure your equipment fits the needs of your playing, and play and listen to the best players possible.

    Here are two articles that helped me:

    Jay Friedman: Principal Trombonist, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

    Jay Friedman: Principal Trombonist, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
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    The following advise is based on me, my playing. There aren't any true rules for playing and I never saw you play so I will tell you how I came to have the sound that I have.

    When I was in High school I was really into marching band. I was section leader and the type of personality that pushed. I was louder than everyone else. My full attention was on the band. That hurt my playing. Very stiff lips and muscles. I was playing very tight and didn't even know it. My sound was very bright. I was using a smile type of embouchure (sp?)and didn't warm up much at all. I also used a fair amount of pressure.

    I decided about ten years ago to change things. here is how I did it.

    The biggest change I made was corners in, not out. More pucker.

    Warm up with slow slurs.

    Start on C in the staff and slur down to G and then to C Slowly ; first C = half note ; G= half note ; low C = whole note and then a measure rest.

    Then do the same with second valve, and so on through the chromatic valve combinations. Do all this at about qtr note = 60. While slurring down, start with your normal setting and as you get to the next note, bring the corners in. (eee, aaaa, oooo) Kind of.

    Then go up through the same chromatic combinations starting on low F-sharp. As yo slur up bring the corners in.

    Then do some low Clark. Study #2 works well. Start on G in the staff and work down.

    Do this for two weeks every day before you play anything else and report back.

    Back off in marching band.
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    Hello nchsbandrocks10, Go to the Trumpet Herald site. Click on the Forum section. Then click on the Pedagogy Forum section. Go about four topics down to Topic (Trumpet Exercise Database). A lot of helpful info. and playing exercises there. You can also hear the tone of a Pro-Player along with correct Metronome settings. The program can be downloaded to your Home Computer favorites You can amp. up the speaker system on your Computer,to balance out your Horn to the programs sound output. You do not want to overblow anyhow,or have everything to loud either way. Standard of Excellence Enhanced Comprehensive Band Method by Bruce Pearson,has a excellent Band One through I believe, Band Three method books with play along CD's. They work well with amped up Computer speakers or a 150 Watt to 200 Watt Boom Box placed about 5-6 feet behind you. You mentioned dragging while playing. You must get proper rest of 8-9 hours of sleep daily. If you are staying up late,playing video games etc.,will hinder your playing. Ideal sleep time with a dark room is 10:00PM till time to start next day. Going to bed after 11:00 PM etc. hinders your GH Hormone release. Results,not having a fully recovered,rested body,to deal with daily stress. Leave all sugar and fast foods alone as well. Learn to eat and live healthy. The Eat Right for Your Blood Type Book by Dr. Peter J.D'Adamo is an excellent book on Healthy eating. Just make sure you use the section that applies to your Bloodtype. Clyde Gordan always stressed,that playing a Trumpet is a Physical thing. If you are giving your school studies and proper practice time to your Trumpet. There will not be much time left for the useless things,most young people,older people,past and present do. Take Care and Good luck.
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    oh, sorry. i don't really know very many trumpet players.
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    Hi Rowuk,
    You say:
    DIY without a live model just will not work. Retuning your ears cannot be done with a CD or fantasy.
    I have to say that 99% of the time I agree with you. This is not one of them.
    I totally disagree with your statement about the absolute necessity for a live model. If you have support that says listening to CD's or using the imagination (imagining the sound moving out from the body) will not work, I'd like to read it. While it is true that a live person is possibly the best, music is learned(for the most part) through the ears and not the eyes.
    Wouldn't you like to have a nickle for every person that learned to play like Maynard or Dizzy or Herb Alpert by playing along with the albums or CD's? I sure would.
    However, if you mean a live Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, I stand corrected.
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