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    I am not sure if this is the right subsection, but if it is not, I am sure that your moderators will move it.

    Ok, I have a besson 1000 silver trumpet, and I need aid in finding some parts for it. I loaned the horn to a classmate, and somewhere between then and recieving the horn back into my custody (~10 hours later) the waterkey, spring, and retaining screw went missing from the 3rd valve. I am fairly certain that it just fell out as the retaining screw was already broke, so I am not mad, just need help to find the right spring, waterkey, and screw, or another option might be a professional 3rd valve slide like the Bach Strat., my 3rd valve has the removable end (will get pics to explain if need be), so this might be an option.

    Anyway, does anyone know where to go to try to find these parts? I already tried ebay and amazon, and I looked at musiciansfriend but did not see anything that would work.

    Thanks for your help ahead of time.

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