Hey Trumpet Players - here's a great freebie for you!

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    Hey Trumpet Players - here's a great freebie for you!

    It's the Extra Studies bonus PDF that I send out
    to purchasers of my book called The Advancing
    Trumpet Player.

    These extra studies are additional exercises you
    can add to your practice routines. They were created
    for my personal practice sessions and for my work
    with private students. You can also rotate them with
    the Full Range studies that are in the ATP book.

    Purchasers of the book receive an update to these
    Extra Studies from time to time as more are added.

    Here's the PDF download link to the bonus Extra
    Studies, no registration is needed:


    Be sure to rest as much as you play, even within
    each of the studies. And just play a few studies a day,
    in rotation. After doing a study you should feel good,
    if not, then rest more during your practice session
    of these exercises, or don't play all of the study.
    There is no rush, progress through each of them at
    a rate that is comfortable for you.

    The Advancing Trumpet Player book is a print book and
    contains 162 pages of instruction and studies for
    trumpet. It's a complete step-by-step system that
    includes everything you need to build your embouchure,
    tone, technique, flexibility, tongueing, endurance,
    range, and musicianship. It is written for those
    trumpet players who are ready to achieve the highest
    levels of playing their horn.

    You can learn more about it here:

    Trumpet Music - Mark Hendricks - MPHmusic.com

    Provided in ATP is a daily routine that includes warm-up
    and studies that assure you cover all aspects of playing
    each day.

    Plus 22 studies in each of the 12 tonalities, including:

    - chromatics
    - major and minor scales and arpeggios
    - whole tone scales and augmented arpeggios
    - diminished chords
    - finger dexterity studies
    - all articulations (slur, single, K, double TK, triple TTK and TKT)
    - interval studies
    - long tones
    - air flow studies
    - full range studies (10)

    And 52 lesson plans that give you the discipline to properly
    work all the way through the Arban's book practicing a few
    studies from each section of the book in each of the
    lesson plans, and all of the material in the Advancing
    Trumpet Player book is also included as part of these lesson plans.

    You can learn more about it here, and pick up a copy
    for yourself or your students too:

    Trumpet Music - Mark Hendricks - MPHmusic.com

    Oh, one other thing...

    Be sure to check out out blog for lots of videos, event
    updates and more at:


    And also LIKE our Facebook page at:


    You can share this message with your friends,
    I know they will appreciate you thinking of them.

    As always, my best to you --

    Mark Hendricks

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    Thank-you Mark,
    That is very comprehensive. Excellent, and generous.

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