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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Susie, Jan 5, 2013.

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    G'day Susie, :welcome: from us here in Oz. Many subscribers to TM are comeback players and have a personal appreciation of your journey. I was between gigs for 37 years before my kids 'conned' me back to my trumpet. As suggested earlier, the Lounge can suck you away from practice time, but it is good for a giggle, and is generally pretty harmless.
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    Susie, First, another welcome to TM from an old man who is now a converted ruralist and also one of the longest lapsed comebackers here on TM, 40+ years, the first time, then shorter times subsequently with major health and dental issues.

    Jackson NC is the county seat of Northampton County, the county abutting the VA just East of I-95, but the population is under 700 counting the 3 newborn infants (that I know of) and children not yet old enough for school. Musically, I find the area predominates in just 3 genres: country, blue grass, and mostly traditional Christian and yet none of these are taught in public schools. I'm a march addict, not that in my health I can now march, but I was intially taught and tutored by a Sousa player who was also our high school band director, and subsequent to first attaining a B Ed I also minored in instrumental music as is how I got hooked to tutoring 4 boys on trumpet for their first and second year (now just 6th graders) whereas I tutor all 4 simultaneously.

    In my broad overview of education in rural areas, I've encountered the Teachers For America program which while laudable in some respects does not nurture a continuum of longevity beyond the 3 years of their contract that too provides the subsidy to offset their college student loans. Presently, there are 27 teachers in the county school system here in such program.

    Oh well, I played a solo with piano and guitar accompaniment in church this morning, and the guitarist (the minister) goofed, he knew it, the pianist knew it, and I knew it but I don't believe many in the congregation knew it ... the point being the congregation just isn't very much musically oriented IMO, and as a random segment speaks for the county at large.

    Among all my now Exs, is being both a private and military pilot. However, my Texas bit of flying was only USAF at Lackland and Harlingen.
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