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    Apr 4, 2005
    Thanks for all the help.
    I play an Eclipse Large Yellow with a more or less middle of he road leadpipe. Sometimes I swap to a tighter one, depending on the gig. My mouthpiece is a GR Bergeron studio. Granted, I've had a few slow weeks and not been practicing as I should, but that bloody high F is a sod. It's always been difficult on whichever horn and I manage to play a good couple of notes above it more or less regularly.
    I use first valve. Or try to. It feels as though the slot is very small and the air struggles to get through. I always try to play the high register stuff PP and relaxed when I'm practising. I can do the "Knevitt - Cimera" method, exercise 16, well above the high G that is written, at p -mf but try to play the frigging high F on its own and.....aaarrggghhhhhhhh 30% success rate.
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    I have no problems with F above high C. Playing in the upper register is about control, not about force and power.
    Here's something to try:
    1. Print out a free document called The Basics Sheet and follow the instructions.
    2. Practice using a mirror as the sheet recommends.
    My guess? When you look at the mirror I think you'll find some things that you were not aware of.
    Good Luck and if you need any help with the sheet, just let me know.
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    Totally a ridiculous comment -- you can get beautiful sounding notes above the F -- the design limits??? - whatever!!!
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    Let KT tell you the truth. (Your overthinking the F) - view that F like the one on the top line of the staff (use a bit more air) -- you have problems because you think you have problems with it --- if you can play relaxed like the F an octave lower -- your problem will be soon fixed
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    Is there a thread about this somewhere? If not, you should start one Ivan. I'll admit, I'm mostly in the dark with your post but it definitely has me intrigued. I would love to learn more.

    Sorry for being off topic...
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    +1. On the very odd occasion I venture up there, I'm never sure my G isn't an open F blown sharp. How do you tell the difference?
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    Pinchuno - you are ahead of me. I can get out a high E but it is not reliable yet. Funnily enough on Monday night it came out very clearly, but when I went for the F above it, I am not entirely sure what note came out. I for one am looking forward to a squirrely High F!

    I am sure that both of us will get there with patience and time.
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    Yes this is also a very helpful resource.

    Does anyone have a reference that compares the 9 notes of the harmonic series from 8th to 16th (high C to double high C with steadily diminishing intervals), with the 8 notes of the major scale?

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