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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Local 357, Oct 24, 2011.

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    1. Scratchy old Tommy James & Shondells record for sure. Here: "SWEET CHERRY WINE" TOMMY JAMES &THE SHONDELLS 45 ROLETTE RECORDS TO CRIS - YouTube Think it skips right at the beginning from excessive play over the four plus decades. Couldn't find a better source on the 'net so far so we'll have to settle for this one.

    At 2:57 begins the brief trumpet solo. Probably by Bud Brisbois. Everyone I've talked to who knows anything about the time period and the man says that it must be Bud but I can't say for sure. Isn't showing up on the regular sites like Seeley Music. I know he was featured on Colgems (the old "Monkees" used him a lot) but no record of Bud being with Roulette.

    A really sweet tone high note solo and absolutely nailed perfectly.

    2. For other like minded Bud fans try the obscure A. B. Skhy album tune "You Upset Me" here: A.B. SKHY - upsets me baby.wmv - YouTube a far better recording playback. Same page should load "Camel Back" an instrumental also featuring Bud. That tune was the only one which hit the charts for A. B. Skhy. Exactly number 100 on the 1969 "Billboard Top 100" hee hee hee.

    3. Last but not least the Airmen Of Note recording "Miss Matazz" Bud Brisbois: Miss Matazz - YouTube Originally writ for Doc Severinsen and Tonight Show band but never recorded.

    Yes that's a G above Double C in the ad lib solo. I have this chart and it's a knock out. Written by Mike Barone here: Mike Barone - Big Band Charts
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    That turntable really sucks. The pitch is unstable and speed is all over the place...God it's bloody awful.
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    Earth to Busted Chops. Earth to Busted Chops

    Umm didn't we cover that? Let's talk about something relative to the CONTENT of the topic. OK?

    See? Already covered. The point being to ask a question RELEVANT to the discussion. In addition I provided two sterling recorded examples of Bud's playing. My main reason for focusing on the scratchy Tommy James one was to get feedback on whether or not it was Brisbois.

    Plus the scratchy record is the ONLY example of the "Sweet Cherry Wine" tune that James has using the screech trumpet.

    James still tours but does not use a lead player.

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