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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by tutin_trumpeta, Aug 17, 2008.

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    I am not talking about pressure - that may not be good, but it works up to a point. I am not so concerned about it with my students. Focussing on KILLER breathing seems to remove the need for extreme pressure WITHOUT needing extra homework. It is just a case of economy.

    When someone starts posting here and brings up just about EVERYTHING that could be wrong, I usually expect that someone knowledgable is trying to provoke us (yes, there are enough people with time like that to waste and enough destructive energy). They sometimes are even quite accomplished players that just can't handle competition on the net.

    If this a real person with that many problems (they do exist), only personalized attention will solve the issue.

    My trumpet students have a clean C scale within 2 weeks after the first lesson, a clean double tongue after 2 months and a solid C above the staff within 18 months. Not because I am good, only because they pay attention and do what is good for themselves. THEY earn it, it is not a gift that I bestow. Heck, I even send them home if they don't come prepared! That preparation and constant monitoring make the experience really rewarding for all involved. There is no other way!

    Hitman needs to take his problems to a real decent player/teacher. That is where he will find what he needs.
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    I will try to answer, but first of all, you must learn to use the search feature. This is not the first time someone adress such questions. So, to start - a quote from another thread, written by Rowuk:

    As for the mouvements of the lips, jaws and other facial muscles, if you get the bonus DVD, you will probably understand what I was trying to explain. Mouvements are not prohibited ROFL but you must make sure that what you do is what need to be done and nothing more...this is very difficult to achieve without an experienced teacher.

    Fast Air: don't worry about. Make sure that you get enough air, that you control it well and use it wisely. There is a whole thread about fast air. If you want to, feel wellcome to use the search machine of TM. Make also sure that your chops are strong enough for the notes you are trying to play. If they are not, go back to soft playing, slurs, arpeggios, scales and possibly the old pencil trick.
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    My lower register is pretty good, I play 2nd cornet in a Brass Band so my lower and middle register get a good workout (albeit on a cornet rather than a trumpet).
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    ok sorry
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    Carmine Caruso was a sax player.
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    arbans worked wonders for me.

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