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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Mamboman, Dec 29, 2011.

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    No need to be snarky. I personally use the search and comb through post, if I need to know something. Hell I just google any playing question I have and it normally has a link, or several to trumpetmaster. I’m just saying that many new users, especially these young guys want to participate. I would also agree that many want spoon fed as well. I know veteran users get frustrated with being asked the same question over and over (today is a good example there must be four high range questions already).

    Let me ask the Vets who aren't here to glean tips. Are you providing a public service? Do you want to help young or old struggling musicians? Have you learned anything new lately from the forum? Do you anticipate someone asking a unique playing question to be asked someday? If your answer is no, then why do you come here?
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    This guy Keith Fiala has lots of vids on youtube that are very helpful for developing high rangeTrumpet High Note Help, Trumpet Lessons Online, Beginning Trumpet Lessons, Trumpet Books,

    basically strong face muscles to hold the embouchure together --- and essentially a very small aperture (small opening in the center of your lips) to vibrate freely to produce the notes --- and using MORE/FASTER AIR (some kind of air anyhow --moderators and other pros disagree on this) -- to get higher notes without changing to a different setup on the lips.

    so essentially long tones in the staff, with lots of rest--to build the embouchure that holds the aperture to vibrate and use more air --to get high notes

    the trick is that it takes many repetitions, many years, and much patience with oneself, and it doesn't happen over night -- but it can happen, and it does happen to many individuals that practice, diligently, intelligently (can't force this high note stuff), and persistently
    that's what I say--- hope that helps
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    As to whether information about such a commonly questioned topic as high notes should be repeatedly, repeatedly posted: yes, I think so. You never know what bit of advice is going to 'click' and give you an "I get it" moment.

    Thanks to a few sentences in one of Greg Spence's videos linked to in a recent post, I put the pieces together tonight in a slightly different way - and all of a sudden high notes were happening just like they're supposed to!

    Firm corners, a relaxed center, focused air support...sure, I do that...but also firm aperture corners. That last bit made all the difference; I'd never heard that before, and all of a sudden I can play soft and high(er) with control, and the center isn't jamming up, and my airstream is getting through!

    Thanks, Greg, and everyone else. What a great community we have here.
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    This has been said on here many times. I find that by just working on scales double octaves works for me. I am at the point where I can do my Eb scale in 3 octaves. Just go up in the scale or chromatically and after many tries you will get it. I have only got the C a few times.

    jiarby, that helped a lot. Thanks.
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    do the scales - and use soft long tones when you do them -- that should help a bit -- the longer you can hold the note (softly) the better off you will be -- well in a few weeks anyhow (take every other day OFF from the highest octave) -- seems counter intuitive to those high notes -- but your face muscles need a day off to recoop --- (don't take a day off -- just take a day off from the strenuous high stuff) --- and work on another part of your trumpet life (like musicality, tonguing, or something like that)
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    A new member asks a question and may not be familiar with the ways of the discussion board... Why not just make the suggestions for other pages and leave it at that. No need to get nasty with the responses... Just my opinion.
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    My advice? If you have to ask the question, let someone else do it.

    The biggest mistake is putting the cart before the horse. You need to understand what you are trying to accomplish before getting started. High notes are not the goal that others want to listen to. The audience wants a KILLER presentation. Giving high notes to those without the common sense on how to use them just increases noise pollution. Nowhere in the entire trumpet world can a player demonstrate ignorance faster than above the staff. I think that there is little need to discuss high notes or start new threads about them. If a player does not have a plan on how to get there, they need help that the internet cannot offer.

    chicagodiceman: If our goal is just to increase the amount of posts at TM, then we can feed the lazy. Why bother? Do you really think that if the poster REALLY cared that they would have not already done at least SOME research?

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