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    Mar 3, 2005
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    Hi Manny -
    Thanks for the suggestions on the high E thread, and thanks to the other contributors as well. What was most helpful (to me) in those suggestions will apply to ALL notes, in my estimation. You suggested listening very carefully to the pitch center. When I could "get" the E, the pitch center tended to be a little flat from what I was hearing. I don't currently have a Monette piece, but I did read the info on their site about the tendency to play "high on the pitch". I found this to be true not only on the high E, where there is very little "room" to play "high on the pitch", but on many other notes as well. Top line F would be another example, for me at least.
    The other suggestion, which I read in other threads, was to concentrate on using the syllable "tooh" in all registers. I had been using "tee" from about top space G up.
    These are proving to be helpful with the high E, for which I am grateful, but also throughout the range.

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