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    I learned to play cornet on a CONN Director when I was 9 years ole and I've been a loyal CONN artist ever since. But, I'm in the process of trying to acquire a Holton Model 25 cornet. It's got 3 spit valves like the CONN 26A, which I've been trying to acquire, but keep getting outbid. Anyway, I've been doing my homework and found that the Model 25 used to be made for the military bands. Since the military has exacting standards, or at least they used to, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the Model 25 should be classified. Is this a pro type horn, or should it be considered an intermediate horn. Has anyone played this cornet and what do you think of it?

    Thanks, GARRY
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    I hope its not too late to help. I was fortunate to recently obtain a Holton 25 to add to my collection of Holton Horns. Its wrap is similar to the Olds Super of the same vintage and compares favorably. It is somewhat MP sensitive, or say versatile. With a Holton deep vee #27 MP/ cookie cutter it has a somewhat 'short cornet' sweetness, but switch to a Holton 74 and this becomes a full powered, rich bodied, deep cored horn. With the Rudy Muck Cushion Rim 19C she displays an unending upper register clarity that is simply amazing, and a lower end that gives a fog horn a run for its money. My top preference in Holton cornets is the 28, but its close...a cornet that can hum, sing, scream and dance, while vibrating in the hands....BTW, yes, its part of the professional line of '20's' that Holton put out at the time (30's-50's) that include the incredible Stratodyne, Rose belled ML (large actually)bored 28, the brilliant dance band horn, the #29, etc. Many more excellent Holton cornets such as these, and the later Al Hirt Signature (just wow), Galaxy..........it goes on until the great conglomerate fallout.:-(

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