Horn Temperature and tuning

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    I stumbled into the science forumn by mistake ....

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    I once again agree with this quote. As the post above notes, the mass does effect the the ability to maitain heat or cold, which has the most effect on cooling the air when the trumpet is cold. The density as also noted in another post above would therefore be impacted by this relationship. The more mass in the horn, the more cold is stored. What you say in this quote above, and in the post noting air density is a factor is RIGHT ON as to the time it takes to warm a horn, and therefore the time it takes to get the horn into tune.

    The equation on length related to the coeffecient of expansion has a factor of 10 to the -6 power, so would be essential a non-contributing "insignificant" factor. So stated in another way, it is the density of the air, impacted by the mass of the metal, rather than length or expansion of the horn that most impacts the pitch of the note.

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